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MG! the Visionary - With Me
(from the album LifeMusic : Bob's Place Volume 1)
© copyright 2004, MG! the Visionary

With Me!

I just go crazy
My head dont work right
I wish you could be
With me tonight
My heart stops beating
It just dont feel right
I wish you could be
With me tonight

-Verse 1-
It wasnt really that long ago / me, you, and your mom and your other bro.
Im sorry how it all went down though / was still learning how real love was posed to go.
When I had to leave you it tore me up / outside looking in thinking what the F*--! But
I wont go there even though I wanted to flip / nothing good to say then you hold your lip
And thats lesson to learn / a lesson ya earn / Ive waited my turn
To see your face and now its making me burn
On the inside pain and aint lessening / To hear you I repeat voice messages
There you are and its as clear day / theyre tearing us apart but theyll never see a day
Of a you without me. A me without you / Youre my flesh and blood. What a black man gotta do?
For me to be with you / to break bread or just chill, and just be with you
Ride a bike, fly kite and feel free with you / Damn, Im really trying to be with you
But they wanna make me play the game / greatest thing in my world, they wanna take you away from me
For a season / keep believin / you may never understand but youre gonna know the reasons
Why I hugged you, held you/ To tell you the truth real love wont fail you
Not as long as my heart pumps blood to my limbs / Youre my whole world til the end comes
And when it does and well headed home / pain wont remain and my brain will let it go
Cause, its me for you and your for me / need you, love you XO from Daddy.


-Verse 2-
I wish things would just ease up / life is triflin ready to erupt. So i
Kept going but I stopped abrupt / Pretty womanso a said wassup with you?
Me? Another day on my J-O / Rock mics, but on my mind is where you stay though
You had a lot of love to share / anybody need a hand, youre standing there ready to
give it what you got so I did the same / coincidentally my other friends were lame
or maybe out of town when I fell down / then you came around, so aint nobody to blame
Just me / But now whats happening / spend days together, time elapsing.
But enough of you, I never get it / the real you, them other? They fools just want to hit it!
Naw, save that for the possibilities / of a together forever and all the could-it-really-bes
Youre the friend Ive never been / like I was sick but you had the perfect medicine.
And time keeps changing / with every passing moment you become more amazing.
Lets stand together in the same time and place / Thats all you need to put a smile on my face
Everywhere I go-
thought that maybe I should let you know
There you are-
in your heart maybe if you got space thats free,
could there ever be a place for me.
Its real with you without the BS / cause we aint kids and this aint recess.
But if I had to do it again / on first day of school as Im walking in
Id stop grab the chalk for the board and then / Probably stick it in my nose just to make you grin.
And if youre cold I got and arm to lend / I said it before and Ill say it again.
I got love for you!!!


Everywhere I go-Youre all I have and Youre all that I know
Everywhere I know-That I was made by You. & I was saved by You.
Everywhere I go-Thought that maybe I should let You know
There You are-Youre in my heart, I think of You all day long and Youare the reason that I wrote this song

Now its been almost 12 / years in the making and we taking hell back
Like we the all-star team / with more promise then the American dream
everything aint peaches and cream / But you walk by my side and youre
there when I gotta lean.
Cause You was knowing the deal / and life be feeling so, so surreal
See I can breath cause you gave me breath / And I can live cause You paid my death
Im taking credit for my downfall / You lift me up when I fall to ground broken down,
Still You never let me give up / You said one life Negro betta live it up!
And so I do / everything for You / Want it? You got it Im on it,
give it all to be with You!!!!