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Braille - Bare Knuckle
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

Braille Brizzy the brilliant, take it back to the basics
Bare knuckle to beef, breathe deep and bury it six feet
Retreat, this is the treatment, donít get treated like the rest
It arrested and never frozen, expression breatheless
From this connection marching down your block
Marksman, give me one shot, Iíll hit the target
Get it started here even with no beat
But itís better when we rock together
We work together, I put words together
To rhyme to get a rhyme ? rhyme clever in this rhyme endeavor
Putting in words, write a letter to the governor
Let him know we live in a gutter
If he doesnít respond, say, yo, did I stutter
Butter smooth, rock move, rock solid and rocking you
Rocking with the truth and light, all I need is one mic
Celebrate, get them replacing, face it or get your face kicked
Embrace changes, facing the crap scenes but I think youíre famous
Think Iím faking? No jocks, no throwbacks, go to the back of the line
Canít predict the future, yaíll, Iíll just take you back in time
Prehistoric, distorted, contorted forms of constant, throw it to the wind
Now that I made myself clear, letís begin
If you canít follow the message, then check it online
Where ? ? with the text type, cuz this next fight
If you miss this one, wisdom is spoken
Broken down from complex, comprehensive, extensive research
Itís like an ice cube before itís melted, so swallow that yo
Most rap is hollow, I see right through it like an empty soda bottle
The caffeine, my tactics never plastic or aluminum
Catch a cab to the land of scatter brain, scatter brain
Study the laws, learn the science, but donít call a doctor
Iím not sick, Iím okay, no weapon form to prosper
Destinyíll take place if itís meant to be
If itís meant to be, then itíll take place if Iím obedient
The main ingredient is in my rhyme scheme or flow pattern
Thatís cuz the soul matters more so than the flesh
Check one, two, is this microphone on? I didnít know yaíll were listening, this is just a test
And all I need is a bare knuckle to fight
But pleas realize Iím not fighting man
This principalities and power, it attack
But thereís no reason to front cuz God has my back