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Braille - He and She
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

He was an athlete, they said he wasn’t big enough
For playing football, that he should stick to his academics
He was determined though, practiced harder
Than anyone, sat the bench most the game though
And she watched from the sidelines, tried to be a cheerleader
But didn’t make the cut, it cuts deeper when your effort fall flat
They related to each other cuz they both missed the chance
And there’s no turning back and he knew that
She admired who he was but he couldn’t take pride in what seemed so appropriate
So predictable, everyone could see it
But he figured what he needed wouldn’t cause such a spectacle
He had dreams of being a superstar
Picking up his prom date in a souped up sports car
She loved life in the most simple way
She could tell he wasn’t interested
At first it was depressing, she moved on though
With a strong soul. She played flute in the school ensemble
She was a bookworm and he was a jock
A few months passed, they would hardly ever talk
Might see each other in the hallways, it was awkward
Cuz in some ways he still had her heart
She saw something in him most didn’t see
But it seemed like it wasn’t meant to be

Just say you haven’t lost the feeling
And it will never die

He was the type that refused to give up
So everyday he exercised, building muscle and pride
And even though he was shy, it was easy to tell
He was being noticed by his coach plus plenty of girls
Wanting dibs on this new guy
Rising star started dominating scrimmages
Which eventually gave him special privileges
It all went to his head
He was feeling like a new man and she felt ignored
She could tell he was changing a lot
But still she was excited, he finally had his big shot
She was sitting in the bleachers cheering him on
They tossed him the ball in one of the first plays
He got tackled right away, broke one of his legs
I was a devastating blow
He was rushed off the field but the show must go on
He tried to fight it, he didn’t want to leave
She was worried sick for him, seeing him bleed
She left the game and went straight to the hospital
He felt helpless, facing such a obstacle


He was laying in his bed just thinking
When he first saw here face, he felt like a jerk
He couldn’t believe she would come and visit
He almost saw it as a sign of commitment
She was just trying to be there for a friend
They had so much to say, but no word was said
After ten minutes of silence, he cleared his throat
She took away his breathe before he even spoke
With a tear on her cheek, she offered him sympathy
Just hearing her voice gave him an epiphany
He said, “I need to find myself” and she agreed
Until then I guess it’s not meant to be