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Braille - Pressure
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

The pressure is so much, itís got you depressed
Who set the standard for success
Weíre all looking for a way out, away from the stresss
Suffering, waiting to get blessed
Why are some poor and never make it
They see others with so much more, and they just wanna taste it
Hustlers boasting about their possessions
We try to own a piece but then debt collectionís
Knocking at our door, outstretched hands
But we ran out of whatever we had
It went to groceries, rent, regular expenses
Living check to check and canít make investments
Life is so miserable, thereís nowhere to go
Couldnít go to college cuz our parents were broke
Picture this: a young father raising his child
Wants to give her the world but the bills just pile
Up on the counter, he counter attacks
Tries to go for his dreams, but he keeps falling back
His daughter doesnít know the difference, itís all the same
She just wants his attention but heís stuck in the game
Feeling shame, feeling like a failure
But just being there is the best thing he could do for her
You think a personal jetíll make it all cease
A little extra cheese and now life is all peace
But thereís rich people just as depressed as you are
Thatís why every week they buy a new car
Itís a different kind of cover up, but what we really need
Is a whole lot deeper than material things
If you could feed her and teach her it means so much
Money comes and goes, what she really needs is love
You can provide that even if youíre flat broke
Still you feel like it was crunch time and you choke
Donít throw away your life, just reach out
And if nothing grabs hold, reach out again
May God be your strength cuz no matter how strong
We still get weak when things go wrong
I know you wanna provide the good life
But if you lose your life, then you then you canít provide nothing
Then you canít provide nothing
If you lose your life, then you then you canít provide nothing