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Grits - Temptations
(from the album Mental Releases)

1st Verse

Uncontrollable urges submerge in my being completely when my flesh is feeling weak... When I
sleep it creeps into the caverns of my cranium tries to slip and slide take a ride through my veins and
dig deep definition... Cardiac arrest but the better of the best wins the quest... Tension and
suspension never the less I play it cool... Standing in a pool of sweat I get nervous when temptations,
not the singers, but the thing is when I'm walking in the will some thing pushes me I stumble... Yes
my flesh was weak, but I won't let it get to me, fall to my knees and strip it of authority... Gee golly
wally, willie's crawl in my stomach, I want to plunge it from the dungeons and dragons... Where's my
boy Bragg and the warriors fightin'... Gettin' smitten by the vice I been stung by a scopion, But I'm
not given in to this thing again... Temptation flee cause overtaken I won't be...

Yo Cof. You remember that time a honey was on mine of course her friend was peeping you...

Scheming like demons dreaming to be with us plus they heard our bank was phat from that groovin'


Ooh, Aah, don't it look good
Don't you want some, don't you want some
Ooh, Aah, don't it look good
Don't you want some, don't you want some

2nd Verse

Coffee's circumferenced by the bust full of lust, she whispers indulge in the bulgin'... Tramplin roots if
I give in to samplin fruits, I'm abstainin' cause of my physical trainin'... Rainin' with desire, pain in the
fire is the cost of wrestlin' with the lost... Say a prayer quick as I watch the harlot trick being
destroyed, her soul's mangled in the void... Pourin' it on thick gotta use my head quick, and splurge a
thought, she tells me we won't get caught... That ain't the point, somebody's eyein', spyin', not an
earthly figure, someone who's a little bigga... Celestial being, one who is all seeing, who says I have a
call in life, the ring means I have a wife... Get the picture, I can't get witcha, I hitcha a pound upside
down frown, I'll see you around... I remember the lingo she played like bingo to get with the brown
skinned Mandingo... Not realizin' we got bills, whoop there go the thrills, now Florence would you
please clean up the spills...