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Braille - Tip the Scale
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

Yo, man, all these rappers talking about money, talking about loot. Iím about to tip the scale on them. You know what Iím saying? (Do the mathmatics)

So all young rappers who wanna make cheese
Put down the microphone and start making beats
Uh, laying some tracks on a major label release
If you keep your publishing, youíll get crazy royalties
Donít lose samples, youíll lose all your profits
Which defeats the plan of putting money in your pocket
Iím just trying to help you get started in the industry
Itís not as easy as it seems, but it can be
Itís simple as getting ten Gís for one track
Build as reputation, put your name on the map
If you gotta start small, make the most of it
Producers on the ? youíll get your name known from it
Thatís when you start charging even to your homies
Business is business, you gotta make your money
If youíre looking for a career, then take my advice
But thereís no guarantee that youíll be legendary

You donít gotta be an emcee to have a voice
All you gotta do is speak, live
You donít gotta make music, just be yourself
This is how I tip, tip, tip the scale
You donít gotta be an emcee to have a voice
All you gotta do is speak, live
You donít gotta make music, just be yourself
This is how I tip the scale, tip the scale

This is how I tip the scale (Rip it, Braille)
I plan to advance you, go raid like ants do
Be on my body mass, got the masses moving they body
I be rocking tracks harder than a train wreck
Heads nodding, itís a pain in the neck
Test the mental, I touch all your senses
But sentence is my car stereo, stock, rims not
Just a house down the block, no mansion, no yacht
Crazy thing is Iím happy with what I got
You want the top so bad youíre taking your best shot
With a fully loaded Glock, watch out for the ricochet
Give ? for your watch and beat down for showing off
Blowing someone elseís spot, trying to make a living
We got convicts collecting worldly checks in prison cells
And A & Rís signing street rappers cuz their image sells
Who would have thought they would kill themselves


Next time put your record advance in a savings account
Cuz after six months later, itís all running out
Yeah the moneyís running out, bro, but so is your time
The average rap career is less than ten years, weíre all in out prime
How many artists from í93 are still here
Less than ten percent, so what happened to the rest
Probably found a different line of work instead of spitting lines
They got nothing left to show from when they used to shine
Just a bunch of babyís mommas who ainít getting child support
So in this rap game, Iím like, yo, order in the court
We all wanna be on TV and own the finer things
But not me, my priority is longevity
Iím family minded, not trying to be the richest
Cuz honestly the richest thing Iíve already received through forgiveness
You can have all the groupies, you can bling with the best
Just donít come crying to me when you canít pay the debt
I tip the scale