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Braille - Humility
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

Iíve fantasized ? in my head for a long time. This song called Humility

I wanna reach that place of humility
Without losing confidence in my own ability
I wanna reach that place of being unique?
Without using it as an excuse to accept defeat
I wanna reach that place of being bold
Where itís more about souls than records that sold
I wanna reach that place of submission
Where I learn how to speak without forgetting to listen

So you donít like my voice, I donít like it much either
I work with what I got, thatís how I got here in the first place
Iím just holding back when my image is at stake
I donít wanna have any more decisions to make
So in some ways Iím overworked, In some ways Iím lazy
I walk a thin line between intelligent and crazy
And lately itís evident that Iím a little bit of both
Iím wide awake at 4 A.M. with a pot of tea on the kitchen stove
Itís an unpredictable life with no instructions to follow
What I should do today is put off until tomorrow
And right now my level of toleration is low
I get frustrated just hearing the sound of my cell phone
Ringing, being real, sometimes Iím afraid to fail
Or afraid that Iíll never meet my own expectations
Iíve been critical ever since I started striving
And now itís just a method I use to keep on surviving


Some days I love everything about me
Some days I wish the world would go on without me
Itís so trivial, my drama is nothing compared to yours
My life is so easy that I make it difficult
Maybe itís hard and Iíve learned to accept it
But either way I got a place to live and I can walk
Why do I complain, consumed with my own stuff
When all I wanna do is help others with theirs
What am I here for, I know it, but sometimes ignore it
But God always puts me back together when Iím broken
I donít even mean backsliding
Cuz I struggle everyday, but itís Christ who makes me righteous
I donít wanna forget what He did for me
I just hope I remember when someoneís willing to listen
Itís not about what has or hasnít happened in my life
God wonít give me more than I can handle, itís all love
This is my humility song