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Braille - Slow to Anger
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

I hate them all, not because the stores are overpriced
I donít mind all the people, I observe them live life
The advertisements donít entice me, I live and let live
But the one thing that always irritates me is this
Iím a married man, sometimes me and my wife wanna chill
Go to a public place and guys start acting ill
Whistling at my girl and making inappropriate comments
For a while I just ignored it, but now itís more intense
I canít brush it off yaíll, whereís the respect
Might not have known we were married, but you could probably guess
That me and her are together, so why even try fronting
You got a whole entourage and Iím all alone
Iím not violent, but ? stretching the imagination
But still these situations are really testing my patience
At times I fantasize about taking Ďem by surprise
Turn around when they least expect it and sock Ďem in the eyes
I know reacting like that could put my family in danger
So I abound in love and stay slow to anger
But instead of holding it in, Iíd rather talk it out
Let them know I donít appreciate the words coming from their mouth
My girl doesnít deserve being treated like an object
Her self value is more than an attractive piece of flesh
Yaíll are constant trouble, trying to get ? ? for no reason
This is why youíre classified as a low life, dirty, rotten heathen

(Mmm, baby, you in that sweater really fills a gap in my heart
Oh buddy, really making me mad
Iím gonna mess you up
And Iím the toughest ?, up against, no doubt
Iím gonna mess you up
I got a temper, you better button your lip
Iím gonna mess you up
Oooh! Aaah! Iím sorry, man, I didnít mean to get so mad
Iím gonna mess you up
ďYouíre the problem, manĒ
Hey, you stay out of this, this has nothing to do with you
This is between me and him

ďYouíre a punk! Iím gonna do it for you thenĒ

I wanna keep my cool and just express where Iím coming from
So you could understand why you need to hold your tongue
I donít want to start a fight and Iím not making threats
But right now I just gotta put you in check
Teart women right, one day youíll be old and gray
Youíll want someone by your side whoís still willing to stay
Someone who loves you for you, not for the mask you wear
An everlasting companion who will always be there
Thatís what I have and, trust me, your shallowness wonít take that
Cuz real women have learned not to mess with you fake cats
Who act tough and make claims youíll never live up to
Sometimes I wanna stop being nice, grab a knife, and attack you
Let you know your attitude is unacceptable
For years I just let it go, but Iím done being flexible
If we ever meet again and you start talking smack
Iíma have to talk with you cuz I canít just sit back
And let you walk over people, try to be intimidating
My anger is righteous and itís not discriminating
No matter what your race is, no matter what your size is
Iím gonna try and change your mind on being so ignorant
I canít even rhyme no more, Iím red in the face
Slow to anger, abounding in love

(Has anyone ever told you youíre an amazing? girl)
Oh my goodness, you will not believe the wrath
Iím gonna mess you up
I see a knuckle sandwich in your future
Iím gonna mess you up
Ha ha, so funny I forgot not to hit you
Iím gonna mess you up
Why I oughta rip you to shreds
Iím gonna mess you up
Did you realize that I was crazy
You better hold me back
ďBraille Brizzy, you better go get him right nowĒ
Itís over now
ďYou better go get himĒ
You annoying me in a terrible way
(Itís okay, bro, just think happy thoughts)
Everybody quiet