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Braille - Permanent Smile
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

Oopsy daisy, here we go again
Baby muffin got a caterpillar on her shoulder
I canít fly away

Who called the firemen, the flames are gone now
The desire was by the pressure and stress
Frustrated, last week doing cartwheels in the street
But now she doesnít feel free
I investigated the scene where all her dreams were shattered
And what I learned was that words really matter
And cut deep, some kids called her ugly, just out of spite
Now she watches what she eats and drinks diet Sprite
Saying, ďIf I die tonight then cover me up
So nobody has to see my wretched body lying lifelessĒ
But the scars were on the inside
Magnified by her attitude which tried to steal
Her beauty and joy, why are young girls so concerned with image
And canít appreciate the things which make them unique
I want to smack every man or newsstand that told a lady
She wasnít attractive for reasons she couldnít change
Youíre beautiful, you donít gotta be anorexic
You donít gotta wear designer clothes or cosmetics
If you wanna lose weight, then do it for yourself
Donít do it for a man who doesnít love you for yourself
We all have imperfections that make us feel nasty
All we can do is give out best and be happy
Confidence goes a long way in this world
Knowing who you are and knowing what youíre worth
Life will get crazy every once in a while
Donít run away, face with a smile

And even when it seemed the burdens would pile
Baby girl wore a permanent smile
Nothing made her more beautiful than that
Nothing made her more beautiful than that