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Braille - Dancing Insects
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

The skeletons in my closet are lonely
The only visitors they get are spiders and scorpions
Every time I cry, they celebrate all night and keep me awake
Feeding me with lies, I get a headache that pounds,
Rumbles, and shakes, the ground
Does the same, the clouds fill with rain, the sky is invisible
Hidden by the darkest night, hidden from my eyesight
Maybe Iím just blind
Is it not so obvious that Iím missing the most important
Moment of my life, momentarily frozen, shocked, and shut down
Hoping nobody notices, but why worry, thereís no one around
Iím alone again, naturally, I chose this, so why complain
My face is so pale, they say itís white as rain

Transparent, Iím ghost like approach mics with the most hyped flow
Nitro, might blow cuz itís dynamite
Strapped to a train tack train of thought
Training for the frostbite? it happens every night
Iím soaking in what I can before the rain stops
This is how I became scatter brain, scatter brain

This dictatorship when the ? mix blend in
Throws off another beat to dictate the rhythm, why
Canít I just let it flow in any direction I choose
Then I get the wake up call (Braille, you already do)
Iím all over the place with topics to touch ?
Grab, take, give it all I got until my jaw breaks
Then say checkmate, one too many ways to die, Iím cool either way
In the cold of the night or the heat of the day
Needless to say, when the track changes, my mind does
Then Iím left all alone, blind like love