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Braille - Relevant
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

Yeah, digging through the box of rhymes. This oneís from 1998, 16 years old. Itís like this:

Explosionís a base to the rec league effect
An unrighteous mind that canít understand perplex
The way you view life is a complex aspect
Promise is body language, itís forced to dialect
With all due respect, Iím not blaming you as a whole
But in this case appointing the thickness of your skull
What we believe intrigues what we know
And keeps us from tracking down our own soul
Self discipline lies in self control
I bootleg, heads drift, call me gravitational pull
Cuz Iíve read it all, from man to myth
And in my right mind, a supreme being exists
I first rec a track so your mind canít resist
Then have you tripping off a metaphor thatís Godís premises
Itís poisonous, fatal gets blown from the callous
Will shatter us, whether or not we think it matters
My cerebration will have brains in action
Just wait Ďtil heads realize the sentence theyíre repeating
Itís not to be abrasive, itís setting a mark
But how can one live off a shot in the dark
The evidence is thoughts that weíre not trained to express
Thereís so many stories, how do I know which oneís correct
It becomes the too hot to handle subject
When stress is of your decision, donít get near it
Itís resolved in the mind but understood by the spirit
So quit using your ears to hear it

This is a lyric from the heart to yaíll
This is a rhyme I wrote in í98
I still feel the same way today
Maybe that means this verse is relevant

Some refuse to let a track shine for what is spoken
Misses the song ainít dope until their neck is broken
Iíll get you open with intelligent conversation
And show the difference between the real thing and imitation
You leave your own mental state as victimís of pollution
Every time the sun rises, you see it in suspicion
Why have a taste of every manís medicine
Until a glass of calcium washes down the vitamin
Display those defective babies in a museum
So those that created them will have time for retaliation
At least do it out of precaution
Yo, this verse is too long, we gotta flip up the beat

Why faze the nation when your face could be the nation
I commence with deep breaths of emotion
Standing as the differential of all sensation
So write abrasions on life but their verbal isnít matching
Itís cuz thereís no answer to the question. Itís cuz
Thereís no question to the answer that youíre asking
I lose every job I hire for mentally harassing
Chain linking my tongue to security from the assassin
It rains on both of us in the plantation
You just need to learn to soak it in for expansion
This tension will have a stiff man bending
The inner ? words , drop your weapon
Iím trying to finish a story thatís never ending
I was battling myself and ended up surrendering
Man closes his eyes and starts pretending
Then opens them thinking he will see a conclusion
How can a mind start physically attacking
By using the body as a chemical reaction
Uphold those myself as energy subtracting
I closely watch, cautious that others are reenacting
Itís not all the sudden that Iím disagreeing
Itís all the sudden that you started emceeing
A vaccine clears all symbols that resemble
Itís all in the spirit translated to the mental
These are young one, perplex, son, be gentle
Youíll scare the child using food stamps to buy soul food
Interacting with his own impulsive mood
I can let anger circulate to human beings
But instead I let it flow through ink when Iím writing
I struggle to keep up my triangled health
This isnít for you, but for God and myself