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Braille - Hideaway
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

I was walking, walking down the street with my walkman
Walkman turned up loud, headphones blasting
Passing by neighborhoods, I used to live there
Raised as a kid there, it still looks the same
Iím different, not the same kid I once was
They used to say, ďDonít forget where you came fromĒ
Iím still on the same planet, my birthplace
Earth is the only planet for the human race
So Iíll never forget, cuz when I visit outer space
I find myself drifting away
Struggling to breathe and then I get lost in the music
Each step I take is syncopated with the movement
Not with the drums, but with the emotion
And the whole picture is painted, I see it in my mind
The words come to life like a vision of a dream
I forget where Iím going and focus on what I see
I close my eyes then I take a deep breath
Itís like I feel more involved with each step I take
Time disappears, the day moves quick
Somebody got hit

I canít hide in my headphones anymore
Itís time to step out and deal with the real world
It never made my problems go away
It was my hideaway, now I got to get away