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Grits - Set Ya Mind
(from the album Mental Releases)

(Bum Bum Bum Bu Bum)

The innovative and creative, in my soul
lurks the native/great day I say in the morning I be yawning
from what you're spawning/Because it simply isn't real to me
how does it feel to be the devil's vessel/you try to wrestle
but can't shake it, so you fake it, twist and snake it
What's the reason for the treason (uh) It's like they tapped
your mind insanity replaced humanity can it be this is really
happenin'. It's like a dream you cannot begin to rise from.
The dark holds evil eyes, so come follow me down the Yellow Brick Road.
Head down the path, won't be no epitaph/Nothing corny like that good
tidings for you, I pack like a luncheon I got a hunch when I saw that you weren't
really happy but feelin' crappy from fulfilling fruits of the flesh, that was a
mess Now lets get cleaned up, Beat the fiend up/Who did this to you (lets
trick him be my victim) was the thought of the perpetrator, now its later/You're
older, a little brighter, a little bolder/Clear your head, shake the kinks, use your
thinks Loose lips, ships they sink, I think I'm on the brink, but I won't let it
take me under "No". So sip the sweet tea, set ya mind at ease/Imma let you know,
set ya mind at ease


Set ya mind at ease won't you please
Set ya mind at ease from the pressure.. please

When I think and it sinks to my pigment/thought of my birth on a earth
unfair to a brotha so try to let it pass and progress but I'm stressed by the
noose on my neck so check it Never will I quit cuz its better that I sit, sleep,
or slouch cuz my abilities in doubt In the minds of those overseein' like
Ripley's they can't believe it, so I wonder How do brown cows make chocolate
milk/for the people that's addictive even if it's artificial 1 for the food
stamps, 2 for the wic, 3 for the government check on the fifth/it was late and
you say I should thank you for the help that was given to the brothas
as a free way of living/thanks my favorite uncle for the chains and pains and
the strains on my people to make us feel equal/The sequel of Watts and King will
surely swing if you don't do something quick/My suggestion for brothas relief of
aggression is to look to resurrection for your peace/Seven times seventy is hard
to conceive but love will definitely set ya mind at ease

Chorus Out