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Braille - From the Dust
(from the album Scatter Brain)
© copyright 2005

And back to the dust to return once my flesh is gone
United again with a source from which it was formed into a man into what you see
Water falls into the ground, things grow, so donít underestimate
Where youíre walking, cuz thereís life there, thereís life there
Weíre lifeless without the dirt, still we want to be clean from it
But we should cling to it, the reason is unseen until itís mixed with spit
I feel insignificant on a ferris wheel with motion sickness
Endless like the ocean is, with so many risks to take
Anticipated moments like this but never waited long enough
I wasnít strong enough to hold the way, double meaning
No patience, operating without taking time to analyze
Thatís why I had so much animosity built up inside
Upside down, the right path is right here
The road les traveled isnít found when you follow the crowd
So crown me the king of nothing, I donít rule or make the rules
Sometimes I break them, cuz Iím broken, and refuse to be accused
But Iím guilty, Iím innocent, Iím everything at once
Iím just a blind man whoís lost and alone, searching for love
And itís right here within me, but remains unaccepted
Then He showed me that all He really wanted was a friendship

And God formed man from the dust of the ground
And breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
Making him a living being, Iíve never felt so alive
Than right here, laying in the dust

You were here with me all the time, but I was too busy to notice you
Even though thereís nothing more obvious, itís not like youíre hiding
Iím just slow to figure it out cuz life is hectic
Cuz I make it that way, I make choices then blame you for the results
For making me free, then I complain, saying
ďAll you want to do is control me,Ē but all you wanna do is hold me
Itís beyond words, so Iíd rather have faith in something that doesnít make sense
Than to have faith in something that only makes sense if I have faith in it
Basically, I want to run and never stop, I want to lose responsibility
Life is short, I want to enjoy every moment
You make life difficult, Iíd rather be free to do whatever
To hurt myself and hurt others cuz life is short so I might as well
What am I saying, I have been lost for so long and life has felt meaningless
I waste my time judging others cuz it takes away the shame
I want every answer to every question I have and if you canít offer that, then who can
Bring them to me, I wandered so far away that I canít see the city anymore
And I feel like giving up, so Iíll just lay here and surrender
And Iím surrounded by dirt, the sky is ready to rain
And I am ready to grow, so let it all fall down
Iíve been planted into the ground where death brings forth life
I can feel you smiling, you already know you created it all
Itís only by your grace that Iím saved
Thereís nothing I can do to change whatís already been done
But I know Jesus rose from the grave
After He died for my sins, washed me clean from the dust