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4th Avenue Jones - Concentration
(from the album HipRockSoul)
© copyright 2004

Con-cen-tra-tion, concentration is the name / keep on livin' or you'll be out the game / subject / we broke in the 'hood about to go insane / tryna make this change / everybody sang

Con-cen-tra-tion, concentration is the name / keep on livin' or you'll be out the game / subject / we stuck in the 'hood about to go insane / gotta make this change

That's why I keep my thang on me / and I don't just take nobody word for it / won't sleep/ 'til I'm in my grave gettin' dirt poured / gon' keep/ givin' me my paper cause I work for it / Cali/ to the 3rd Ward/ rally/ we deserve more / stack doe / better help yo' hood or we don't stand a chance / black folk / it's an emergency / don't call an ambulance/ react slow / it's like they don't care when Blacks or Mexicans/ die / that ain't love it's hate / I / gotta concentrate


That's why they keep they brains loaded / I'm about this business when I entertain / quote it/ when I'm finished bet you say she did her thang / molded/ and I've been refined by fire in the flame / life/ everyday is hard / fight/ and I pray to God / me/ naw I ain't gon' just sit here and roll over / we/ going out on tour and lookin' for some more Souljas / see/ if we come together y'all ain't nothin' gon' hold us / yep what I rap is true / put that on 4th Avenue


Look here I'm worried about my people and concerned about me / I ain't tryna make no statement I just yearn to be free / want us locked on these ghetto blocks permanently / don't want us thinkin' / that's why they keep us drinkin', burnin' this weed / hit your remote see 'em promoting sex, murder and greed / innocent men in the pen who deserve to be freed / we ain't animals / we hurtin' / I'ma person that bleed / won't quit nah/ gotta keep it true/ y'all, what are we gon' do?

It's right in front of me / I see it clear that they don't want me free / don't want me to get where I wanna be / no time to be wasting / look what I'm facing/ Concentration (2x)