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4th Avenue Jones - Caesar
(from the album HipRockSoul)
© copyright 2004

No greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for a friend.

Caesar, I wanna see ya / we scared of police not North Korea / I sweat and bleed workin' to feed mi familia / wear my jacket every day full metal / I'm from the ghetto / where teens forced to settle so they scream like a kettle / gang bang and exchange drugs they try to peddle / lost love from livin' as thugs since they was little / go to the Sire / tell him we're bringin' his empire down/ when my Messiah returns he's gonna try ya / every liar will perish in lakes burnin' with fire / murdering thieves how much peace does money buy ya? / Mod'll educate my homies cause the game has changed / instead of wrists / they makin' sure our brains are chained / let's reminisce / how many of us hanged and slain / and now we pimp our women as a claim to fame / you're just a puppet / I'm tellin' ya you playin' with flames / these are the last days and it's finna' rain / so satan entertains us / everybody loves ya when your famous / hating everybody else who ain't us / all we want is more / overlooking poor people in anguish / dollars are the universal language / I wanna see Caesar!!!

We're demanding to see Caesar (4x)

I wanna see Caesar / must think I have amnesia / hated us / slave trade/ degrade us for your leisure / sleep with our mothers, beatin' our brothers 'til they please ya / now most of the world can't get a Visa / that's affirmative we want action / born buried and we trapped in ghettos / you talk forever very little happens / don't know blacks just cause you grew up to the Jacksons / brain wash youth but we undo it with this rappin' / and 'til there's justice no peace / rebellin' and we protest over beats / defending the poor, hungry, and weak / fight and we pray and we pray and we pray / 'til God come / too many dead / too many cops harassing us / too little said, we gotta stop the massacres / too many fled, we are the blocks ambassadors/ and God sees ya / we don't believe Caesar!