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KD3 - For as many
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2004, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1: I bet you thought that you were running things once again
Giving birth with no vision, “tell me;” when will it end?
Clip your wings baby boy, it ain’t time to fly
Before you fly too high, run out of gas and die
Get a clue, what to do? Homie settle down
You best grow some roots, plant your feet up in the solid ground
Preaching, like a deacon, but your fruits say you’re faking it
Pointing out my faults; men you really just ain’t getting it
My heart cries because you can’t see the way
So like them pigs up in the mud everyday you play
Steady looking twice, yea that “bling” looks nice
But like the three blind mice - you’ll get lost - without the Christ
See there’s no power for you when you’re disconnected
You’ve got to be submitted before you get directed
Now I don’t know if you truly know
What daddy’s done for me …

Chorus: For as many as are led, hey; get this in your head, by the Holy Spirit of my Lord
Are the sons and daughters of the Supreme King and ruler; true, almighty God

Verse 2: Want to get huffed, and puffed up with me
Because I’m led by the 3, of the Holy Trinity
Bwoy lookie here; I am my brother’s keeper
And every chance I get, I’m a bust up on the creeper “boom”
Cause that snakes no friend of mine
Steady messing with my peeps. Time to resign
“Watch me” pull the pin and drop the bomb
Thy will shall be done, and thy Kingdom must come
On earth, and even in the sky
Who can deny that you’re the Most High?
Listen, why try? Repent and get yours
But you’ve got to do your chores, before He opens up the doors
So ahh, shoulder your cross and - follow me
As I - follow the one and only G O D
And then you’ll know - just like I know
What daddy’s done for me …

Bridge: I can do my thangie-thang all night
Smoke a little, sip a little juice – it’s alright
Head down to the club looking oh so tight
I only hangs with the dark but I lives in the light
So who are you to judge? It ain’t me that’s God’s word
You don’t need to smoke weed to fly high like a bird
Romans 8:14 says it clear
So take it up with God – not me, if you dare.