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KD3 - Wanna Be
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2005, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
Well if in case you havenít heard, now itís time to hear
Ainít no need to fret, ainít no need to fear
But the coming of my Lord is drawing near
To take us home, will I see you there?
Way up high, baby in the sky
Only where the true eagles will survive
And if you let this opportunity pass you by
Then all that I can really say is my, my, and bye, bye.
Because Iím here now to let you know
That my life is fully given to the Holy Ghost
The Lord God can do what He wants to do
With me baby boy, how about you?
So now tell me, is it really, really His will being done
Or is it your will still thatís number one
On your agenda; men let it go
And let the Holy Father take control, if Ö

You wanna be where I be? Holy Ghost power runs through me.
Come on and get down with me. Itís all about JC baby.
So open up your heart, youíll never die; if Jesus Christ lives in your live.
So what are you going to do? Heíll stay true, and right now itís all up to you.

Verse 2:
I hope you recognize and you realize
Jesus? Heís alive, open up your eyes
It ainít hard to see baby look around
And now spiritually speaking, get down
With the Way the Truth the Light son, Jesus
And now Satan canít touch when youíre down with us
Cause we be with the Father like everyday
Mad chillin in His presence when we pray
And if you really donít know, you can know today
But you must receive the Savior like right away; so now I pray
For your soul man donít wait
If you wait another day you might be too late be late
Do it now! Receive Christ ďyeaĒ while you can
And dedicate your life to God, son; understand?
For what is a man without the Breathe of Life?
Nothing more than the husband is without the wife; incomplete Ö

Breakdown: Chanting Ė ďWanna be, wanna beĒ: Where I be Ė : With JC - : In the presence of - : GOD - : Yea thatís right - : all up in the light Ė : so baby hang on tight.