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KD3 - Fire
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2005, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
Well tell me what I need. How do I succeed? How should I proceed so my sores donít bleed?
Daddy, hear my cry. Do I live or do I die? Will I sink or will I fly? Know the truth or know the lie? Deep down I know youíre real, and I know you know the deal. Why do I live like I live, why do I feel like I feel? I thought I knew the way; I thought that it was day. But once again I find that Iím wrong, Lord teach me how to pray? Yes God I need your help, no I ainít looking for no more trouble. And when you give me what I need, Lord if you will, give me a double. No, I ainít trying to be greedy, but I canít stay up in this dark. Give me some light, illumination; I donít even care, make it a spark. I need your word up in my life, like everyday that I might live. And right now thatís all Iíve got, but all Iíve got to you Iíll give. Only hear my heartís desire; will you please take me higher? Flood my whole life with your Spirit, and burn that devil up with your, with your Ö

Fire: Holy Ghost fi mash up the place. Fire: fi make you run and finish up your race. Fire: fi your firm foundation. Fire: fi burn up Babylon and Satan. Fire: fi give you whole heap a zing. Fire: fi make you jump up and thing. Fire: in a your belly everyday. Fire: fi make the devil run away Ö

Verse 2:
I feel it burning in my soul, deep down inside. So go ahead n let it flow, baby boy; let it ride. From my head to my toes, here; take my whole life. Thereíll be no struggle, nor strife. Cause see youíve got me feeling right. Iíll surrender to your will and to your way, everyday. And when I slip, or fall short, Lord draw me back; like right away. I want to be with you forever, ďno doubt,Ē way up in the sky. I canít go back, before I do; Sir, will you please let me die. Hold my hand, Father God; guide me and lead me in your path. Iíve had a taste of your chastisement, but I ainít trying to taste your wrath. I couldnít handle it. For sure your love has brought me to my knees. Youíve been my shelter and my rock; youíve kept my flesh from STDs. Dear God, I love you, I need you; canít live my life without you. Take your Spirit away from me, and I know that Iíd be through. But in my weakness youíre made strong so Sir. Iím leaning on your shoulder. And once again youíll bring me through, no doubt; I know youíll take me over. With your Ö


The Fire, Him hot; but yet the fire cool! What a something, the Fire teach you like a school! Follow the golden rule; love your neighbor like you love yourself. That your days may be long, your body strong; in a good health. Jah-Jahís Word say so, and if it say; so it a go. Him canít lie, If Jah-Jah give you, tell me; who can deny. Cause nothing can test the True Champion. So make them try, the Fire strong; burn them like Babylon. Unnu better read and research, no bother act before you think. You no want fi get clog up like some old dutty sink. Go down pan your knees and beg God in a your life. And make Him cut you up and down with His Two-edged knife. You naw go die, you a go live; but your flesh, him a go dead. You have fi kill him so the inner man can rise up instead. Me a go tell you who you need, and a Him me a talk. Cause only Him can help you walk, and tear down the dark. Him a the Ö