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KD3 - Chop Suey
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2005, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
I see you shaking in your knees baby boy; whatís the matter?
Hey wait a minute; ainít you that cat that wanted to make his kingdom fatter?
Looked up and seen the real King sitting on His throne
Saw His fame and all of His glory and you wanted for your own but oh no!
You deceived yourself with your lie
And let the lust of the eye cause your soul to die
Kicked out and abolished from the very presence of life
And now, youíre anti-love therefore youíre stirring up strife
Where there is peace, youíre releasing confusion and fear
Acting all like you care when you be creeping up near
Well Iím going to tell you right now that Iím face to face
In the name above all names, yea Iím going to put you in your place. So Ö

Tell me what you want. Tell me canít you see. God reigns in me; God reigns in me.

Chop Suey! What you want to do? Chop Suey! Wrecking you and your crew
Chop Suey! Burn you up with the FIRE! Chop Suey Ė to your neck you stone cold liar
Chop Suey! Got you on the run Chop Suey Ė with my spiritual gun
Chop Suey! Ainít no place to hide Chop Suey Ė when the Son straight up parts the sky

Verse 2:
So go ahead, make your move and watch me chop you up
Iím not going to play your silly games; I ainít going to sip from your cup
You thought you had me Iím sure, when I was walking in sin
Till I gave my heart to the master, and Jesus Christ entered in
He saved my soul from your hold and then He filled me with His power
And he warned me about you roaming Ė seeking whom you may devourer
But now you see here young buster, Iíve got my sword and my shield
And yea Iím strapped from head to toe and devil I know you know the deal
See like my teacher when He defeated you with that Holy Ghost fire
Iím going to steadily put you down as I continue to lift God higher
So get lost Ė donít even let me see you ďpassing byĒ
Because I will make you cry, so go ahead baby try. So again Ö

Tell me what you want? Tell me canít you see. God reigns in me; God reigns in me.

Chorus (x2) to fade.