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KD3 - Soldiers
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2002, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
Lace up your boots, grab your armor; lets go!
Itís time to move out, look alive; itís time to tear down the door.
For sure weíre about to throw down so baby, look out.
Youíre either with us or against us, but let me know now.
Because itís War Time and I declare ďEnemy Beware.Ē
Youíre in the ďDanger ZoneĒ if you be creeping up near.
But it donít matter because Iím full out coming at ya
Shouldíve ran when you had the chance, but now; itís pure disaster.
For you and your crew, your whole army is through.
Thought that you was coming at me, but Iím coming at you.
ďTRUE,Ē I thought you knew and just in case you havenít heard;
I ainít coming in my strength, Iím bringing the heat; Godís Word.
Iím bringing the Fire from the Sire for your dome to break your neck.
Youís about to catch a wreck like you ainít ever seen yet. Wanna bet?
Prepare, cause ainít no fear up in here.
Ainít got no love for you neither, so dead or alive; now hear me clear, I donít care
Cause Iím a soldier Ö

Soldiers - soldiers - soldiers in the army of the Lord. (Repeat.)

Verse 2:
Thou therefore endure hardness
As a good soldier of Jesus Christ, son; regardless
Of what the terrain or the weather may be
Never giving up or backing down from the enemy
Stand still and endure the rough times Ė persevere
Knowing that youíll never receive more than you can bear
Cause thatís the law coming straight from the one that we serve
And this truth - it wonít curve, that devilís got some nerve
Canít wait to see him, cause Iím a drop it on him
Through the power of the Holy Ghost (ďmy man,Ē) and His anointing; Uhh
And thatís the real deal; power hitting hard like steel
You should have checked with the Word, but wait; you know what I mean
Cause you is down with this camp, and this camp rides high
Hanging out with the very presence of the King in the sky
Weíre on a mission to distinguish that fire from hell
Just in case you canít tell weíre gonna rock Satanís bell
Cause we are Ö

To be drawn up Ö (a mock scenario as if one being covered when making a move.)