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KD3 - Party with me
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2004, Dave C. Bryan

Intro: If you really want to party me, to blaze up and raise up with me
Youíve got to get down with my GOD, before you boogie down with KD3

Verse 1: Get your gear on; itís time to ride out
Come on letís bounce ďno doubtĒ itís time to wild out
Kicking this party off Holy Ghost style (Hey)
Feels like Iím doing 105 on the highway
Climb aboard and you and I, weíll hit the sky
Mounting up with wings as eagles flying high
Donít try, donít force it; just let go
And get low to your knees till they hit the floor
When you begin to glow, then youíll really know
Just what Iím feeling baby boy, now let it flow
Feel the power of the Most High running through
Until it spills out and fully overshadows you
Youíre saying what to do? Come on and stand up
Tilt your head back and shout with your hands up
Cause now youíre in the mix, and we can hang tight
You and I weíre getting down tonight, right???

Chorus: Get your party on, get you party on
Let your hair down Ė get loose, and letís turn it on
Yeah, the freaks come out when the Son is gone
So we can boogie all night till the early mornÖ
Thatís right, letís go. Take it to the floor
One oíclock, two oíclock, three oíclock, four
Well ainít no stopping us now, I know youíre wondering how
We be doing what we do like ďBlahowwe!Ē

Verse 2: Soon as I speak; you feel the fire?
The conviction of your desire
My Gís will is to take you higher
You canít build your own empire
Your way men, youíll never learn
Your will is not His concern
So keep praise in your mouth, and stack those chips
Keep your eyes on Him, and try not to slip
King David is the one known for dancing all around
Danced so hard clothes fell to the ground
See him chilling with the biggest in town
Coming through with the wickedest sound
Side to side and front to the rear
Hold up your hand, boy lookie here
If you no care scream it out clear
ďKD3Ē in a de atmosphere.
From the back to the front, left to the right
Throw your hands up and letís blaze tonight
Ohh-wee, I canít get enough
KD3, letís shake it up (repeat with-) just shaking it up