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KD3 - Thank you
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2004, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1: Reality has finally struck me, and now I can see
I thank God for my babies and my ďboobyĒ
Direct from above; yes indeed, my blessings Iím caressing
And for you, Iím laying down my smith and Wesson
To live by the gun is to die by the gun
This lifestyle of ďfunĒ Iím through with it, done
For my son Iíll be there to here his cry
To wipe his eye, do you dare ask why?
Yo, look at the world; the state that itís in
So cold, dark and dieing, all tied up by sin
Bound by the gates of hell
Eyes are blinded; souls, locked down like a jail cell
Searching for freedom, well open up the good book
And spread the good word to the gangsters and crooks
For only He, and He alone can save you
Like He did foe me; and sweet Jesus, I thank you

Chorus: Thank you for selecting me, thank you for protecting me
Every time I turned my back on you, you were there for me constantly
Thank you for the joy you bring, thank you for the little things
And the least that I can do to show my gratitude is thank you.

Verse 2: In the ghetto, I use to run solo
Because I had a big gat, sporting all that polo
The love of money is the root of all evil
And just like Kaneival, youíll go crazy robbing innocent people
Then greed takes over, non-stop, proceed
Itíll take control of your soul like the need to breathe
Understand, listen up, take my word cause Iíve been there
I too use to buck em down, and didnít care
But I remembered the teachings of my mother
How to love each other, through Christ, our heavenly Father
Broke down to my knees and I cried
As I thought back to the reason that He died
Nailed to the cross for you and for me
At Calvary, because He loved us G
The love I had for money couldnít dare compare
Itís time you realize and get yourself in gear

Bridge: All of my wants, all of my needs; I make the request and you give it to me
Youíre the supplier of all of my needs your love is forever faithful
I will not fail nor will I yield, while in the valley Iíll look to the hills
I will succeed because this is your will your love is forever faithful
Hand in a de air, like you no care, boy lookie here in a mi heart no fear
Cause everything crisp, Jah know everything proper
And like a helicopter mi a rise because of poppa
Look when mi did a drown, little seeds mi did a sow
Unnu fi see mi know look how the seeds dem grow
Man the trees stand up strong and a bear nuff fruit
A dead mi would a dead if it wasnít fi the truth, you knowÖ