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KD3 - Giant Slayer
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2005, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
I see some trouble coming; now tell me what to do? Looks like a gang of demons, feels like my life is through.
Oh me oh my, oh my; am I really going to die? Or am I going to live to stand and testify?
But is it worth the try? Some of them look really big. What was it King David did when he was just a kid?
Oh please I need to know. You said you loved me so. Now tell me where to go, that I might escape my foe?
Dear Jesus, speak to me; reach out thine hand to me. ďMy child why do you fear, for I gave you all authority
Over snakes and scorpions, over them there demons too; go ahead and do my work. Do what I told you to.Ē
Demons youíve got to go. Oh, where? I really donít care. But what Iíll let you know is you ainít going to cause my heart to fear.
Nor am I going to tremble, or buckle in my knees. Greater is my God, and my God dwells in me. I am aÖ

Giant Slayer! What do you want? Giant Slayer! What do you need? Giant Slayer! Whereíre they at? Giant Slayer!
Letís make them bleed. Giant Slayer! You and I, Giant Slayer! Ainít going to die. Giant Slayer! G-O-D. Giant Slayer! Made us free! Giant Slayer! Yea, thatís right. Giant Slayer! Hang on tight. Giant slayer! To what you know. Giant Slayer! And donít let go. Giant Slayer! The victory, Giant Slayer! Is in your mouth. Giant Slayer! Release the Word. Giant Slayer! Of God, shout!

Verse 2:
Oh God Iím glad you did just what you did for me. When you hung bled and died, on the cross at Calvary.
I donít know where Iíd be if you didnít love me so. I guess in misery, burning way below.
Thatís why my life for sure I fully give to you. Not half but all of me, hanging with this world; Iím through.
So do what you want to do. Where you lead me, I will follow. Even though them trials will come, joy will surely come tomorrow.
Early in the morning time, just like the Son will shine; when I seek your face, I know youíll fill me up just one more time.
Dear God, youíre my redeemer, my Savior and my friend. Youíll never leave me nor forsake me, even till the very end.
Thatís why I thank you so for what youíve done in me, cause when you gave me life; you gave me victory.
King David understood, and now I understand; the power dwells in me because the powerís in you hands. I am aÖ



Chorus (2x to fade.)