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KD3 - Shakedown
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2005, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
Well now tell me baby, what are you going to do boy? Will you run from the gun giving up the Joy?
Out to break under the pressure from the devil son, creeping up on your back like the hit and run.
ďThe shake down ainít no fun,Ē youíre right; Iíll give you that. But what you need to understand is whoís got your back.
And that the reason for the season is to make you strong. Now get up and throw down, all night long.
You best believe the Word of God will be your sword man. The world says that you canít, but God says you can.
So do what youíve got to do soldier and engage, until youíve put that crooked lion right back in his cage.
Heís out to kill, out to steal and destroy, havenít you heard; every man, woman, girl, and boy. Hey thatís the word!
Just donít quit baby, donít you stop. But only trust in the Rock to blow up your spot, naw mean? Cause itís theÖ

Shake down break down, Holy Ghost style; when youíre all up in the mix battling for a while.
And in the wilderness, ainít no need to stress. Just remember who youíve got living in your chest.
Shake down break down, ainít no need to fear. See how they roll when my Lord is near.
With Jesus, them demons, they canít mess with us. Up in this shake down, so let it ride; let it bust.

Verse 2:
With Godís law, hee-haw, right hooks to your jaw. You know what; youíre the biggest little rat I ever saw.
Want-to-be creator punk imitator, my Godís greater; oh, Iím going to catch up with you sooner or later.
Iím rolling through this dessert but you canít see me. The BIBLE has got me steady baby.
Ainít no tipping ainít no topping, ainít no flipping ainít no stopping; till I reach the tippy-top, you know Iím going to keep on trotting.
For sure Iím out to score and thatís real. Cause see hereís the deal, Iím throwing blows like Holyfield.
And I will succeed. Why? Iím learning from the one that has defeated you; God the Son, Holy Ghost, and God the Father.
So why bother? Men, Iíll just keep on passing you by. Keep on dotting your eye, when I testify.
Iím just going to stand still right here and let you do what you do. And let you think that Iím the one when itís you thatís really through. Up in thisÖ


What are you going to do when Lucifer comes for you? Will you stand strong boy, will you stay true?
Pomp-pomp, when the devil comes to lick off your head; to lick you with them blows thatíll make you feel like youíre going to be dead.
I know that you never recognized when Jah opened your eyes, and you didnít realize boy, ďcircumcise.Ē
No you really didnít know, but here we go in side of the shake down break down.

Chorus: (2x to fade)