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KD3 - Standup (remix)
(from the album Giant Slayer)
© copyright 2005, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
Stand up. Show me what youíve got. Man, is you hot or is you cold in your soul, on death row, with no parole. Naw mean? Like Mr. Clean, I keep my shine all the time. Never dull, from my toes to my skull.
Jesus, Heís my rock; so no demons can test me, stress me, depress me; or even get the best of me. When Iím riding with, when I be cruising with; when I be chilling with my G-O-D. Man, who you be? Whose back do you got? Is it dark where youíre at? Step in the light and you and I we can rock; non-stop. You know Iíve got my glock, the Word of God, by my side; so take my hand and ride. To the promise land my man, non-stoppa. And just like hip-hoppa get down with Big Poppa. Up in the blue for you, anytime you need Him. Shinning down his love, waiting for you to believe Him and receive Him son.

Stand up all ye soldiers for itís time for you to testify. When the trumpet sounds, you and I weíre going to say bye-bye. Now if youíre still in sin, go ahead and make that choice today. And when the Savior comes, to you and I heíll say; ďwalk this way.Ē

Verse 2:
Donít wait, donít hesitate. Before you know it son, you might be late. Close the gate; on who? I hope it ainít you. I know it ainít me, baby canít you see? The time is drawing nigh; who do you think youíre fooling? Acting ainít going to get you there. Men, whatíre you thinking? Stinking is the game you choose to play. Take heed to my warning son, donít play that way. Because the day will come when everything is done that your soul will be judged by the Father through the Son. Then umm, wee-wee-wee; to whom shall you be? For eternity, you better pray JC. Cause you see me, Iím going to the sky. And when the trumpet sounds, I hope you too can say bye and fly so high; but never coming down. Gold is the ground, milk and honey all around son.

Chorus: ( x 3 ending here for remix. )

(Add below for original.)

(Mock sermon) Itís time that we the people of God Ö

Do you want to walk on these streets of gold? Do you want to walk where youíll never grow old?
Do you want to walk where you will live and never die? Do you want to walk with the King high in the sky? Do you want to walk in everlasting peace? Do you want to walk where your heart will rest at ease?
Do you want to walk where you will feel no pain? Well then youíve got to walk in Jesus name. (Repeat 1x)

Chorus: ( x 2 to fade. )