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KD3 - Supernatural
© copyright 1998, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
The Supernatural! This world don’t even know what we’re talking about, cause they’d scream and shout; If they knew, the things that we do; they’d be stuck like glue. JC I want to thank you.
Cause you’re the reason why; men, you hung, bled, and died that I might be saved, filled, and sanctified. I want to ride with you and your chosen crew. Like them boys in blue locking it down for you. Front line or in the rear, Lord I don’t care. As long as I am there when in them clouds you appear. In all of your glory and your power and your might, ready to fight; fire burning in your eyes. We’ll be alright holding tight to the Word. High as a bird he keeps me, haven’t you heard? Well ain’t no need for the worries here’s your chance! Grab hold, get the Fire and dance.

Its Supernatural: the “world” don’t even know what we’re talking about. Cause if they did they’d scream and shout, we’ve got to keep them in our prayers; to the Sire, Sire. The Supernatural: the radical, miracle, spiritual zone where you’re never alone. Why don’t you let Him in, He wants to heal your home, and take you higher, higher; with his fire, fire.

Verse 2:
Stepping out of the flesh into that wild supernatural zone; got me bugging all the time on the microphone. “Leave it alone,” they tell me; but I’m going to spill my beans, cause I can do all things through Christ Jesus, seeing? With these itty-bitty hands watch me push back the powers of darkness. I’m fully representing His fortress. Lord of the lords, and the King of kings; I keep him closer by my side than my diamond rings and things. I don’t care, you can call me what you want. Oh crazy? You don’t phase me; your words can’t erase me. I’m there, my name’s clear in the book of life. We be the bride of the Almighty by the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Ghost is my host on whom I boast with the most; cause it’s Him through you and I who fries them demons like toast. But you won’t get this lest you’ve got Him, so don’t you knock Him as I rock Him; and put Him in my pocket and lock Him.