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KD3 - Sprinkles of joy
© copyright 2000, Dave C. Bryan

Verse 1:
The other day on my cellular phone; men, I wish that they would leave me alone.
Theyíre stressing me with the bills that I owe. Please sugar wonít you give me a break now.
I need a breather men, Iím going down. Am I the only wanted cat in town?
Donít want to find myself out on the streets, well Uncle Sam; wonít you help me to stand.
But then I see your bright and smiling face. And I no longer want to trade my place.
Bundles of love, so everything is fine; Sweet Jesus, Iím so glad that youíre mine.
Donít need no money youíre my pot of gold. You bring so much peace to my soul.
I lift my head because Iím no longer dead, and thank the Lord for myÖ

Sprinkles of joy, showers of blessings; rains down on me when Iím holding your hand.
One thingís for sure, you keep my heart dancing. In the smile of your love, Iím totally free.

Verse 2:
No I donít know where I would be today; if in my life baby you didnít stay.
Donít ever leave me, I need you around. Where you may lead me, you know that Iím down.
No, I donít care if itís through the sea. So long as you remain there with me.
And through the fire itíll be alright. In your Presence Iíll be safe through the darkest of nights.
So hold me close, donít ever let me go. Youíll love me now like you love me before.
Your Word is real, upon that Rock Iíll stand. Youíve got me sheltered in the palm of your hand.
You never change, youíre forever the same. I know that Iím secured resting in your name.
What can I say, other than thank you Lord, for reigning in my life; youíre myÖ


No matter what storms may come my way, no matter what the people may say,
Even if this world crumbled today; youíll always be there!
By my side to bring me out, praises to your name Jesus Iíll shout.
And lift you up for all to see; for ever youíll be myÖ

Chorus: (3x, to end.)