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4th Avenue Jones - Dangerous
(from the album HipRockSoul)
© copyright 2004

Don't hate cause it's dangerous, don't hate cause it's dangerous! (2X)

Out my cage / I was trapped / just escaped so I'm strapped / with heat / this ain't make believe rap / this that real cause I'm real'a / raised in the thick of this wilderness makin' y'all sick cause I'm ill' a / often in tears cause I feel I've been slept on for years but I'm still re-/ spected by peers elite lyri-cists / today hip hop's an illusion like smoke with some mirrors / label tripped so we shook like a tambourine / called us odds / and they don't like gam-b-ling / let us go must be smokin' a gang of dank / this gon' blow we don't care 'bout who thank it ain't / offered crumbs said ''Fool, we not after that'' / y'all gon' pay us or give up that master dat / Think we slaves for these scraps? / nah, we get paid for these tracks / this ain't that make believe rap / at shows I kill it like a can of Raid / cause I don't flow I explode like a hand grenade / just doin' what true artists used to do / that's why I get love on more Alleys than Lucy Lu / fools upset at us mad cause' we still afloat / Interscope attempted but can't kill us though / told 'em no/ we ain't Limp Bizqit we got soul / on a mission with intentions to heal the globe / gon' stay in-de-p-e-n-d-e-n-t's / think we prostitutes and they some pi-m-p's / we ain't signing nothing 'less we seeing cheese / still I won't fake for no paper cause' we M.C/'s / I ain't scared of no war cause' we warriors / that fight the power like Neo and Morpheus / cut y'all out it just leaves a lot more for us / blowing up B-I-G like we Notorious!

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen / nobody knows my sorrow / nobody knows the trouble I've seen / nobody sees tomorrow

Don't hate cause it's dangerous, don't hate cause it's dangerous (4X)