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4th Avenue Jones - HipRockSoul
(from the album HipRockSoul)
© copyright 2004

Feel the heat wave bang from all angles / eye to eye we can't see/ you don't speak the language / certified West Coast official/ from Rose to 4th Ave / for those who don't know / that's Venice to South Central / it's all Hiprocksoul fa' sho / for shows we stretch, get set then ready to blow / the main event front row the lady's know / it's the Dilated Peoples and 4th Avenue Jones'

Block off the streets / evacuate the buildin' / I'm like Robert Johnson at the crossroads dealin' / here it comes / catch that Hiprocksoul feelin' / like J.J. and James Brown chillin'/ steal dealin'/ the streets full of these fiends / got 'em strung out / Rakaa still pullin' these strings / it's the music gettin' 'em high / givin' 'em wings / it's dope / 4th Avenue/ Expansion team

They say we out of control / cause we won't do what we told / man we just gotta be bold / and make Hip, Hop, Rock, Soul / Now when we travel the globe / people be coming in droves / they sick of what they hearing it's old / they want Hip, Hop, Rock, Soul

We hip-hop'n with some rock and a lot of soul / we not timid cause' we got to be bout' our role / as visionaries cause our peers all vision-less / and hypocritical with theirs but we livin' this

Follow the rainbow to the pot of gold / get tangled in a web of deception that strangles / losing our hearts for art pursuing commerce / hip hop started in parks flowin' in Converse / I'm puttin' money in my mom purse / too / but I give a hundred at my concert/ you / gon' hear me comin' with a bomb verse / and when my band loud knockin' / Tena have the crowd rockin' / I got love for hip-hop / love for my people who be subbin' this / even love for the critics who just love to dis / I love club D.J's cause they love our hits / haters wanna separate us like the bloods and crips / but aww naw/ divided we fall/ it's hard for me to understand it like Dance Hall / why don't we take back culture they stole/ and make Hip, Hop, Rock, Soul


Watching T.V. with the Avenue / we wonder / does anybody have a clue / I wanna / make some music for your mind that's new / because I'm tired of how anything goes now / Why everybody afraid? / dun' sold out / try'na get paid / but I was raised not to be a slave / if talent mattered we'd run it cause yo we been better / me and the Jones get punished for being trendsetters / tell you what dumb is / A -n- R's who spend hundreds of thou' on rappers that's played out / the crowd want us / Avenue band head up ready to stand for / all of you fans/ fed up oughtta demand more / we represent poor people that can't tour in grandeur / hoping our songs open a slammed door / and 'til the fat lady is singing her solo / gon' rock your curb if you suburban or in a Lo-Lo / they kept telling us change / we told 'em no though / got dropped / survived by staying wise and did it for dolo / now we free and that's the number one goal / with this Hip, Hop, Rock, Soul