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4th Avenue Jones - Mr. Yayo
(from the album HipRockSoul)
© copyright 2004

My daddy was a son-of-a-gun/ now I'm the same way / Momma can't afford what I want/ so I'ma slang Yay / I'm just into hustlin' dope / my brother gang bangs / lot of homies bussin' they flows, but yo I can't sang / I'ma thug caught up in this street life/ street lights shinin' on us / judge would love to give me three strikes / climbin' on up / was a rookie now I'm street wise / fools duckin' when my heat fires / never on probation, parole / 10th grade full of frustration / droppin' out cause I'm so committed to my occupation / and my pocket is swole / that's my only motivation / sellin' blow to people basin' / I don't care about they kids and stuff / or 'bout if they overdose / tryna buy me a truck and throw it on some 24's / yeah I'm breakin' they souls / I see they body gettin' weaker / but I'm makin' this doe / that's why I'm not my brother's keeper / call me Nino Brown / turn my block into the Carter / don't mean nothin' to me / to serve a father or his daughter / I'm just hittin' this weed and practicin' at lookin' harder / tryna keep from gettin' caught up / they call me Mr. Yayo

Yeah, I be rockin' up this yayo / girls jockin' cause of yayo / they call me Mr. Yayo, yayo, yayo
And when I'm drivin' they say ''Yayo''/ no nine to five for Mr. Yayo / straight survivin' off of yayo / I love money and this yayo, yayo, yayo

Six in the mornin' police at my door / ice white Force One's across the hard wood floor / Mac 10 in my hand then I stuffed the clip / kiss my lady on the lips and then I smacked on her hips and said / ''hop into the closet it's about to get ugly / the feds and they folks they don' finally came for me''/ if I'm goin' out today I'm goin' out like a G / turn this mansion into a morgue and I'ma make some history / I never heard the bullet comin', dog I took one shot / lost the feelin' in my legs when my back got hot / they had a sniper in the bathroom at my neighbors place / I always said that I'd regret that day I slapped him in his face / I was a super killa thug kingpin who ain't care / now I'ma super scarred inmate rollin' a chair / paralyzed and my girl caught time as well / she couldn't take incarceration hung herself in the cell / and the babies that we made now they wards of the state / the labor pool don't sound bad now but dog it's too late / the lifers ask me ''young blood what you in here fo'?'' / I lost my kids and my life and my wife and it was all for the yayo

I'm big ballin' cause of yayo / I hear 'em callin' Mr. Yayo / I did it for the yayo, yayo, yayo
What you need I got the yayo / just get at me about this yayo / I'm makin' G's cause of yayo / we did it for the yayo, yayo, yayo

You think I wanna be out in these streets? please / I just wanna eat/ if not me, there would be someone else workin' my occupation / give that nigga what he bought / without a thought / that habit that he caught's his own fault / I'm just tryna stay fly with this higher inflation / it's easy not that involved / really sorta kinda like basketball / you can either shoot or just pass the ball / but somebody gotta get paid / through talkin' got money to be made

I don't agree that you a victim in need of doe / I think that it's sick afflictin' your people yo / no I'm not sympathetic at all cause you're pathetic / just want a grip and a tight whip to get you sweated / go get a job go to college you don't wanna wait / momma got chicken at the house, you just wanted steak / quit tryna say that you was starvin' I'm from the hood / compared to people really starvin' you got it good / Biggie forgot in his 10 Crack Commandments the feds gave us that to get blacks to vanish / that's wack and in fact it impacts the Spanish/ but long as your cash stacks you think that's bananas / but it's a heaven and hell that I believe in/ whatever you sow that let you know what you receivin' / don't know a people been as deceived as we've been / throwin' our own into the deep end / killin' for that yayo

Got big paper cause of yayo / I live major cause of yayo / you did it for that yayo, yayo, yayo
Why you trippin' 'bout the yayo / see what I'm dippin' cause of yayo / I make my livin' off of yayo / you killin' for that yayo, yayo, yayo

What's really good / I love this yayo / I live good because of this yayo / I stay fly because of this yayo / I'm tryna feed my daughter / I don't care if I kill your son / I am not my brother's keeper!