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4th Avenue Jones - Ro's
(from the album HipRockSoul)
© copyright 2004

Some folk gon' say its wrong / why the Joneses make that song? / they ain't right/ like when rims ain't chrome / or a midget with a Cadillac Broh'm / but I'ma just gon' tell the truth holmes / I know this Negro James / if you send him to the store he gon' spend yo' change / yeah he's a real Ro trust me / kind of jerk keep the tag on take the shirt back musty/ and it don't just be blacks you got white Ro's / and they too shock / fat tryna wear a belly ring with a tube top / or in a suit clean wearin' pool flops / at a rap concert yellin' ''you rock''! / I get mad enough to hit somebody / so I'm venting before I have a fit somebody / just mentioning it could help prevent somebody / when the chorus comes in sing it with somebody/ say Ro's

Negroes, and you all know how the story goes (repeat 4X)

Yo I know a girl named Ro named Rosa Lee / always spendin' rent money on clothes and weed / always wanna borrow never buy groceries / always got a big run in her hosieries / one time she said ''T, I'm finna jump in the shower, so can you watch lil' Ray Ray for an hour?'' / I said yeah that ain't long he can just play / didn't see the Negro 'til the next day / when I saw her/ restrained myself / said I should've known better so I blame myself / cause the same thang happened round Christmas y'all / caught her in my room makin' long distance calls / you can walk, start running, can fly, get ill crawlin' / search from L.A. up until you hit Harlem / you gon' find somebody gon' get yo stress boilin' / Black, White, Asian, or Brown we just call 'em Ro's


You part Ro boo / you got acrylic on your hands and your toes too / said you never been to jail, well you ain't supposed to / shh! don't talk through the movie / that's what Ro's do / ooh ooh/ who that? / It's Lorenzo / I don't got a house but I got a Benz though / I only had enough for one tinted window / I got a monkey fur jacket / when I wear it yeah they call me ''el Negro''

All my, all my, all my, all my negroes / I gotta give a shout out to my peoples / who got a television still rockin' Kaleeko / who sell incense down by the sea shore / and put Daytons on any any automo' / like a Samurai Suzuki with a kit / you know you Negro when you got Dip-n-Stick / and ain't got no more dip so you gotta use Quick / and on your television got a pair of vice grips, vice grips / yeah, that's a Negroid / you know you Negro when your daddy's name is Floyd / and he name your baby sister Floydeesha / you Negro when you dress up for Easter