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Grits - Alcoholic Plagiarism
(from the album Factors of the 7)

Embrace this wisdom and witness my construction on beats
Spiritualism verbalized containin' evils defeat
Other MC's intentions bein' exposed in time
Abominations when they life ain't like they say in they rhyme
If it is total depiction opposition shows face
Mentally raping minds of people livin; in desperate states
Keep it tight the things you claim in videos and on tape
Where I'm from frontin' your stacks you find a jack takin' place
Verbalized disgrace to a nation of intelligent race
Fertilization to theory, stereotypes create
Therefore when I employ my interjections word play
Play rough like project kids with new neighbors who got more stuff
riches won't help you when judgment day's in place
Only life of sacrifice attains salvation by grace
my words go beyond the outter boundaries of flesh
These recitals be vital to anatomic fortress
In the 6-1-5 we strive to be blameless
With benevolence as evidence my claim to fame is righteousness.

My writing is like a party inviting
To see quite clearly proper lighting
Tricky to the eyes UFO sighting
They're classified, make you glassy eyed.

I come in like visitors displayin' my creations
RSVP invitations to destinations
Delegated to educate men about salvation with installations of devastations
I arouse more emotions than Toni when touchin' grammar
My vocal stamina is like the gift of strength to Samson
The powers divine intertwined in lyrics manifested
I'm double breasted with the plate of righteousness
Sin confesses it with a shield of faithfulness I block distractions
Capture captions
Illustrated, I've demonstrated
Playa' hated though I've told you before
My style was complicated, undebated and underrated.

Bone, real smooth comin' of the head like wigs
Big are my crowds, louds the vocals
Intermingling with pockets jingling, singling out opponents
a circle formin' cipher now I,m on it
In the mix like vanilla extract a hip-hop relief like Exlax
Tip top condition prop me top notch
Bounce around the beat like hop-scotch
A real enhancer
A lot done changed since DC dancer.


Rewinding my tape analyzin' the moves I make
From the pocket, use my blast from pat to make your future rocket
Calm your jets buddy, shimminy Christmas
Handcuff my ears while restrainin' all my listeners
On the back half of Backdraft
Catchin' wind burns and then turn 180 degrees
And like Lady MC's with the high pitched voice
denounce your thieving', catchin' chastening before you can consider leavin'
Heavin' out vomit, brown bottle rockets,pink comets, Snapple and apple cores
All from swollowin' what's not yours
Beat biter, dope style taker, I'll distort your body like a New York City Breaker
Look at me, Look at me, I did this to you
Tired of being slighted by my copywriter
Adrenaline hits infinity and beyond.