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BK & Associates - Frisky
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

I proceed to leave muts with their tails waggin staggerin from the heat seeking verbs
Word perfect is my third eye, nerd I burn thy mortal block
Immoral crock kills the clock
But knowledge Rocks on, Truth is Bond, Non-stop
Kat-erisms, yo I feel Kat-alacious, Kat-asonic, Kat-nomenal
When I feel the vibes I reach the Kat-atomical
Molecular arrangement, ancient philosophy
My endocrine functions for Hip Hop I see
that you want to step to me, L.O.S.T. S. T. E. P. yo
I'm representing God Shinin light for my people
My squadron, I don't think that you want to go much further
You'll just end up an egotistical scruffy lookin Nurf Herder
Yo it's like that when I kick it for the stars in the sky
Yo it's like that when I kick verbs, 4 cadets on the rise
cause yo I identify the wackness cause I'm
Frisky like them Kats eyes, check it
One two to the three flea bitten emcees be wanting to try and test me son
Shines light Lyrics bring sight Kat vision
On stun I set my blasters, faster than your glock
Lost Step runs things on your block, follow me not
Unless you think you're hot snot
Cause I'm more hotter than the pot when the pot appears hot
With molten lava on a stove in a burning house
In the Boondox of the Sun's Core, I brings the equinox to a tilt
Out of balance bringin the daylight into Focus
Night time gets lost in Hocus Pocus
As cadets bring the magical tragedy of earthly importance
Not spiritually potent to break into the vortex
Of my liquid capacity, mentality is stable
Unlike your track record, all your words is just Fable
cause um I see through your disguise
Frisky like them Kats eyes, check it