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BK & Associates - Babylon Suburbia
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

now i must adjust and bust this with focus
cuz i been in the wilderness eating honey and locust
so it feels good to have a real meal on my plate
because for 40 some odd days i've been trying to get it straight
so the tread on my adidas has worn a little thin
cuz i been on a journey trying to seperate from sin
and win the battles i lost for so long
so when i break free with victory i put it in my song
it's been long awaited i've been spiritually sedated
then i arose cuz i knows why i was created
with a destiny of my harmonics to be ill
so with walking stick in hand i boldly approach the hills
of life, with confidence of rhyme that's in store
and the evidence of things that's unseen but hoped for
cuz in the spirit i see what is to be it's me
still bound like a slave yet considered to be free

my ink's leaving trails that i travel on
a narrow path thru suburbs of babylon
so bring it back to the rhythm i spawn
and bust a check 1,2 to watch the crowd respond

riding on narrow paths thru babylon, living avion
that i suck on with gaviscon
for that emcee that gassed me thought he could surpass me
was quick to take the challenge found there's few that outlast me
so pass me my pen and mute the track for acapella
not jay-z but still known to often rockafella
with vanilla scented incense, it's burning like my sentence
i take a mic and turn tracks to results of intense
or past tense cuz since it's home is cemetary
find a beat inside my sheet to substitute obituary
cuz it's harry krum and blake the cannon on produc.
add a playdough and you hearing red necks inside their truck
bumping illness, i spill this on a page from my heart
i got a metranome internally to make a work of art
so i start to look back a emcees that's killer
but reminded is my mind of b-boys that turned to pillars


a master of hip-hop and rhyme articulation
trekking thru the desert dodging snakes of temptation
and pacing myself following clouds by day
and fire by night leading me to words i say
as i stay on the narrow way most of the time
and use the two humps on my camel to store my rhyme
with my mind concentrated on my flesh crucified
representing tribes of ill that's set apart and sanctified