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BK & Associates - What I Love
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

How do I love thee? well let me count the ways
I love to hear the sound of name love your love of grace
love to love the fact I know your love will never change
love knowing that ya love is always loving me the same
love knowing where I'm going at the end of all my days
love knowing that I'll see you and I'll love you face to face
one day I felt ya love and now I'm loving that I know
that you's the lover of my soul and in your love I put my hope
loving just letting ya loving show to every place I go
and I be loving just knowing that I was the one that you chose
loving just knowing that one day its ya face I will behold
and I be loving just knowing I walk with you on streets of gold
loving just knowing when things is hard you's still up in control
loving just feeling your hands reaching forth to hold me close
loving just hearing ya word saying you loving me the most
and I be loving just feeling the loving hands of your Holy Ghost

what i love about you
is the way you make me feel inside, it's genuinely real
what i love about you
you keep lovin' me, you keep lovin' me.

How do you love me well let me count the ways
you love me for the fact it was your only son you gave
and in spite of all my ways you still love me just the same
your love to me is a joy and a smile upon my face
you love me with a love I know would never go away
and you loved me when you showed me that you died to take my place
your love is two arms stretched wide 3 nails a bloody brow
a crown of thorns a man crucified
your love for me is deep and wide your love for me I keep inside
when it comes for times that I need to hide
you love me with a love that no person could ever could give
you demonstrate your love for me just by what you did
when I was a kid I couldn't see you for who you is
but now I know you love me and your love is how I live
this is what it is now this is what love is
a life laid down no greater love that this (word!)