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BK & Associates - Theme Music
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

tonite's theme is schemes, crime scenes, and city scars,
mean to keep my feet on the planet, keep my hand on any star.
too many confuse fantasy with actually where they are,
so overdose on what you think you know, move closer to the bar.
and have another dream on me, i pour it equally and evenly,
rapid eye movement over rocks in a glass of indecency.
it seems to me that most obtain and gain fame illegally,
perhaps i'll change my name, bang out a platinum record easily.
walk thru every venue, ice grill, hands in my pockets,
abandon logic, maybe pretend i'm from the projects.
by august, i should have the buzz i need to make some progress,
chest heaves to breath receive a claim and mutter "God bless".
on lock this year, on top of the stairway to heaven,
tears glance off the sidewalk chalked up to babylon.
i babble on and travel on this road until i blow,
and that's my dream for the night, the theme for the night.

the theme for the night is rain falling, beautiful blessing,
pouring down to hit the ground, pounding, sounding out a message.
fill that cup, touch the lips, freeze and stick to block the exits,
soak the cloak, bust the dagger, turn the tides, i want some leverage.
connected to existence, drown me a single drop at a time,
line all the gutters with the pretty skipping stones that i can find.
tonite's theme is energy electric, puddles touching live wires,
global theme music for neandrothols who find fire.
banging crack rocks and rubbing plastic sticks together,
the theme for tonite is that life can be so much better.
tonite's theme is whatever, whatever i choose, never to lose sight,
sight of the blinding light, shines thru that always knew you.
a tongue-kiss with reality on the stoop below my fire escape,
hibernate and scrape my knees on every single bike i race.
why waste the afternoon on those who'll never see?
that we can learn from stormy weather, just bring all those clouds to me.

for those who don't understand, we make theme music,
take the muted intellect and vocalize the wise until they seem stupid.
refuse to take a chance to trample on the ignorant,
for all the times i've had to draft apologies in triplicate.
harmonize my vital signs with compostions disonate,
my silouette reflects my thoughts in lines to the omnipotent.
do not try to block my chronic case of writer's block,
tie the knot with every single thought until it's finished.
until this missing link's discovered, love demented sin is structured,
shrug my shoulders, lying dead below the covers.