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BK & Associates - Blue Room
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

Swish the wind blows where it wishes, you hear the sound of it but cannot
tell where it , comes from or where it goes, so is everyone who is born of
the spirit, Souls , touched by the toungue carry lyrics as the wind blows
and it goes.

Verse 1 (Moon):
one man sitting on a bench drenched with sweat and no hope left,
why don't he just go home, don't hold your breath because he's homeless,
the cold steps of concrete on the street where this man sleeps,
at night, mad bright lights and man he screams like the banchees,
from bad dreams, sad scenes like a movie, betrayed by the white man's scorn,
but i'm a white man and my God loves him so much he sent his son to free slaves just like him,
now even though he doesn't like white men or their God i feel called to walk
up to him and talk to the vicious art of so called enlightenment of heroin addiction ,
this affliction which has stricken him for years, making him sick within,
sick and thin, skin and bones, his skin tone's changed to three shades of grey,
fading away, he dies and day by day, life giving not why i cry,
as he tells me a story and the lord begins to move upon my heart with
compassion turns to action, i share the truth in love on who's above,
and then i ask if i can pray for him, what do i say to him, God?
he shoots his faith into my heart and then like aspirin the pains starts to
fade away as i pray for healing, satan get apart from this man in the name of Jesus.
he then calls upon the name in which we're saved,
then swish, the ghost flow winds taken me away.


Verse 2 (Othello) :
Words, formulating into clever phrases to make ones cerebral clock tick
quick with a repetitive tock
Drop like the Grandfather gong as the alarm, soundbomb through enldless
corridores through steele walls and beyond
I paid a nickle for the first Page, this Centry and was charmed , read the
contents of the letter under the light of the moon and saw
Behind smoke , men of God with linked arms, holding a cypher like silly
primmitive primates who shift shapes and conform
Into the image of a man you all know as the perpetual life advocate on my
behalf causing me to stray away from my passivist state
To an intimate and passionat faith as I bask in the grace of the ellect...
Extended dialects that perplex past the depths, of contemplative states
therfore i rest upon the steps
And smile into the face of here and now, and keep all in prospective what
is next or just around, the bend of what is destined
Im blessed when knowing all i can appreciate is present, maximize each
moment since my hopes been ressurected
I suspect when theres nothing left to be said or to teach, we can rest in
peace, sit, meditate, listen and hear the...


Verse 3 (Moon):
as i walk on the beach i'm lost in the peace of God,
that's only bought, when i'm totally washed in the holy blood of
his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, the only source of life who
forms the light in the darkness, by the spirit that inspires me,
to write lyrics giving all praise to Yahweh, he is joy and agape,
the nutritional source of all existing forms of life outside of,
which i find i dig a ditch and laugh,

Verse 4 (Othello):
I figure it ignorance unless one knows
and in this wickedness he grows from a failier to put in practice what is true
The loop hole of knowlege without action is a tool to keep you from full
bloom and stuck along side of the road in gravel pits
Its as if, I found the scroll of life and unraveled it, and in picture form

it told a story of reconciliation and salvation throught the
Lambs blood that was shed the man of nazareth put in a plan a covenant and in this thing im loving it
From motivation of the sea shore to sitting down at a round table in a room next to moon but lit by the son
Natural light always better then the artificial , so in Christ we shine bright allowing rays of life to hit you