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BK & Associates - What's Real
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

PEACE 586:
well its the veteran, better than ten years deep
into this game you know my name no need for me to repeat
some recognize me when i speak or when im breakin a beat
or when im rhymin with my crew bringin you the heat.
Another lesson to teach so reach back in your chair as
i square up to rip one of the lips son.
See everybody gotta criticize, im not surprised with the lies that
come flyin out your mouth, you need to try another route
this roads been paved by the bravest crew and now
we're savin you the best for last. Talk all the trash you want but
back it up. the road is tough so pack it up! cause fools be lackin stuff
the game is tough and not for everyone so make sure you led by the son
and not the one called self. Cause then you dealt yourself a raw hand
with no room to expand sinking fast in quicksand.

What's real
Ain't nobody real anymore
Searchin' beyond the mountains or diggin' beneath the floors
I realized that what remains true is the Lord
So His holy word in my heart I store/ (2x)

Puttin in work
And doing dert got me derty and burnt
I learned quick
I had to pick a different game to maintain
A good credit line
I'll bet you find a way to stay sane
So state your claim with accurate aim
Or I may claim - A belt or two
If I dealt with you on prior occasion
Now you're facing facial abrasions for misbehaving
Who's brave in your circle of homies
Only a few are true
The ones who are crew
Who won't play like a fool plus graduated from high
school drama
I got my own karma - a soul plus my honor
Salvation from the Son given by the Father
Kids are raised to praise the "Almighty Dollar"
Not us - still, we're headin' for a gold rush
These rap cats rap a lot but they ain't sayin' much
If you take away their crutch
They'll get crushed - they ain't clutch!
Player, get off the field if you ain't knowin' what's real


Is a real man one who travels or one who never leaves his block
Workin from nine to five or surviving by sellin rocks
From the cell blocks to city hall I pose this question to all
Inner city to outer limits y'all we just come to call
Y'all to the dance hall attitude check at the door
When the Tunnel Rats are rockin their ain't no stopping forever more
Getting bored with all these rappers and the stories they create
Want something real that I can feel not fantasies that don't relate
So I walk the streets like heavyweights from ROX the killin fields
Love to my men who keep it real everyday without no record deal
Still questions un answered and lessons is un learned
Claim to love the game but they ain't concerned
I'm stayin unturned unmoved unshaken
The body of Christ without one bone breakin
So tell me what's true and tell me what's real
Think twice if you think it's anything that you feel