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BK & Associates - All Around the World
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

I'm only in one place
But I'm all around the world
I'm all up your mind
When your chillin with ya girl

You're in the hip-hop section
When you start to sway
Looking through my CD cover
For something cool to say to your mom

'Cause I'm 'sponsible
for what you 'bout to hear
So wack-em-cee's-pro-ceed-in-fear

I'm in the studio in the producer's chair
With the sony headphones."but they're not touching my hair"
To avoid the beeswax applied to dreadlocks
Attached to black man upon the earth. Walk with me.
Now catch me sitting in the driver's seat
Ford Econoline 1-5-0 hitting the street
She gots 351 and she weigh more than a ton
So if there's beef to squash , well, I guess I'm the one.
Now, isn't sweet I'm at the gas stop
"Hello, you look nice today" then she grabbed my 20-spot
I said no baby-pop I'm not ready to bounce
I need Snicker's Cruncher then she handed me a 6-ounce
Cool! Hopped in the vehicle and began to unwrap
Mars Ill on the radio. Man, that kids raps
While the other kid spins over beats they made
In some place where they lived that I've never stayed.
But maybe they'll invite me since we're label mates now
Chillin' at the Grammy's take our wives dates. How beautiful
Yes, I'm in the fellowship
Sometimes we freestyle, sometimes we just rip for free.
For the fee call 253-bla blah blah- blah blah blah...Hello it's MG!
On the tele-phono ever homo-sapien
Just turn up the volume and take me in!

Ain't nothing funny about it
I bring the _____ and you can't do without it
Let the rhythm just do it's work

And if you body wanna dance then don't be a should
Oblige yo 'self to this smoother than Top-shelf
At the bar, I'm in your head with you wherever you are
"hey Now" Superstar, or a jerk with a scar
from pushing weight in-mates, to all barmitzpa stars
I rally the masses to dance in fields of green grass
And tally the mundane populace. It's Un-stop-ulous
we just accompu-lish what we set out to do
Oh you're looking for some dap."who are you?"
They call me King Stanley cause my walk just flow
Represent the Nasty click with that southern stride stroll
First I dip like that, then I put it like this
Then I seal it all together with a southern style kiss
Trey Dogg Nasty in the micky ficky house
no time to lay low, nickel just get out
'cause the King, lil' Pookey and MG! don't quit
If you don't like it you can get on get!!!
With our bad self. I spiritually cash wealth
And physically have health. Presence beyond stealth.
My face is upon shelf where you start your day
I peer from brochures, you're perusing e-bay.
But hey, it ain't nothin' but a thang in the wash
A big name's just a crutch in this land of the lost.
Pish, Posh! I'm Word Perfect but you're Microsoft
You can count the currency, but I'm counting the cost.
Oh yes, I floss harder then the average man
And my floss can reach more places then my toothbrush can
'cause I got braces for the spaces in my teeth
Different color rubber bands, high-fashion when I speak.
When I speak high-fashion, word thrashing when I speak
When I speak much passion, more action when I speak
When I speak stuff happen, action packed when I speak
Touch light all night. How you feelin'? Alright!