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BK & Associates - Not That Serious
(from the album Beatmaker Session 1)
© copyright 2002

(John Reuben's verse)
they don't come smarter than nate,
my man, i'm feeling great,
in the studio late, i take bars of 8,
to demonstrate on the mic, in the night, with blake,
along with all my other emcees from the buckeye state,
capital city, smack dab in the middle, heart of it all,
like picture frames and earthquakes, we off the wall,
so, just take notes on what i said,
even if you decapitated my style, ya'll couldn't get ahead.

(Scott Bellows' verse)
i'm wanting all heads to perk up, open ears to listen,
scott bellows is the fellow with the grand design invention,
reuben asked me to throw in a twenty second verse,
i have a rhyme and some time, but oh well what could it hurt?
out of style, out of practice, out of touch, and out of taste,
i started thinking to the days of the showcase,
so set off to explore the store of lyrics in my head,
but for hours i got nothing, but i wrote this instead.

(Bustone's verse: 2 emcees)
now that i found my team of elohim fiends,
john reuben, bust one, bellows, AD,
we rocking the spot like david with a sling-shot,
hey yo jesse, what?, you know we got the hot to motts,
clogging their arteries sending them into a convulsion,
but still have them smiling gleefully,
bust one, we be, we are, the ones who rebel against the absence
of spiritual elegance,
its intense with the mints, freshness, fresh, yep yep,huh, that's how
we do, that's how we do,
gotcha open like buck shots, chilling like igloos,
lyrics suspend you between heaven and hell making you choose,
you know the message, what's that? bringing the good news,
and if anybody's got a question, that's how we do,
from the genesis i pray that you would be receiving this,
revelation and entering to your exodus,
i guess the best analogie be dragon ball z,
while most wait for super saints you power up for GT.

(Nathan Smart's verse)
the john reuben fan club is in effect and i expect,
that you have already heard of me with superb intellect,
if not,check out the spot, com last john reuben dot,
then click the message board to look and see who's got it on lock,
now who's gonna touch the president i'm too much,
you can't avoid my range, so complex and too clutch,
its nathan smart ya'll so get down and bow down,
the facts of why i should be president, i'm about to lay down,
one, i got the knowledge that you can't get in college,
two, i won the battle, sucker presidents get demolished,
and three, my name is nathan smart and that about says it,
yo, i know you want my title, that's cool, but don't even sweat it,
cause i know about john, from hairstyles to favorite crew shots,
while you're sitting at home trying to know the lyrics to "Do Not"
there's alot of perpetrators trying to act, but they're all sketchy,
all hail nathan smart, the true king of the JRFC. (john reuben fan club)

fresh, dope, ill, live, rollin', rollin', rollin'