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Freddie Bruno - Freddie B-R-U-Know
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1
Light my pen with the brain cell marvelous
Leathal rap sheet killin off empty martyers
Slaughters of the philistine cancel you
You mumble under breath talk about advancing who?/4
Yo you way behind and betta read the fine print
cause between the blue line is where I build my monument
a pinnacle, oracle, holy metaphorical
legends of the legal pad carry me historical/8
making words nouns adjective provide
and separate the city like a rap apartheid
from central, Midwest, eastern and pacific
a call to arms for heads as I dictate specific/12
yo harmonicats grab ya maps meet at the steeple
take the alley way move in shadow for the people
use the clicks of ya pen Morse code trust none
using blueprints from alpha saying project won/16

It's freddie B-R you know the flows are fresh
try to control my flesh so that my soul can mesh with most high
so walk it on by with your mediocrity it's best you dont try/ 1x

Verse 2
The bloodline of a stone warrior with deep wounds
Enveloped to the spiral a blue line cocoon
Swing empty cannons at ease just like Dan Boone
Keep it hot like the middle of June in Cancun/4
Squattin in the desert we role play with pencils
or use the inkwell as we swell up the stencil
leapin sand dunes and watchin for monsoons
throat weaponry lettin me spit those bomb tunes/8
The ora of my memory left you panic strickin
leathal from the thought even sicker with the written
A victim of the phoneticly inclined
your aware of your wack with no need to remind/12
Held in awe by a rare species of emcee's
Everlast never pass our hearts of Jubilee
Foolishly you try to challenge rank to the throne?
Face the future realize your seed was sown/16

Vrs 3
Prescribe metaphor over counter medicine
I invent on the phonograph like Tom Edison
Like David's mighty men we rush and take crews
Repo the micraphones of those who missed dues/4
Leavin domes ripped when we speak and blast men
yo you hooked on the Ill of a ball point craftsman
Climb the midi scales vocab is gradual
Joust you with the mic stand and move latteral/8