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Freddie Bruno - Pro Audio
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Disassemble mics transpose to mountain heights
over stand you shallow thoughts see them as an oversight
you in the way like over bites your album is over hyped
thunk it up like over night you over shadow the light that we walk through/4
sought you out like hidden treasure
accept the expedition and cakewalk to the measure
my point of view on the industry is spoken honestly
constantly I rock harder on this oral odyssey/8
the auditory alien on the skirts of the wind
holding a b boy pose keep stiff like mannequin
thats the gap i'm standin in
spiral books you handin in
captivate ya mind and bend it back like a dorsal fin/12
it's pro audio - in the big leagues where hearts are broke
where you pour your heart on tracks and then mistaken for joke
and see ya audience is sellin to kids with AOL
man I know peep the bruises from the shots I repel/16

Consoles, mixers, process the vocal tapestry
music mastery on ya head like a tragedy
nourishment vitamins for the body yo!
midi time code, sympte tone PRO AUDIO!

PC to me means predominant with consonants
Pure confidence, punctuated condiments
the peoples choice on the mic with a probable cause
pencil play coordination with no audible flaws/4
THE SON AFRO - six foot one waves and frames
lyric octane burnin the mic like propane
heated words from the scholar to the ballers in vanity
Only rhyme if it's about ya money or profanity/8
As I write with the hands of the carpenter
build on the rhythm of my heart circumcised pen sharpener
eyes closed walkin through a broken catacomb
learned the beat box long before this fetus left the womb!/12
overseen like apocalypse be holdin the globe
process the dialect from tongue to temporal lobe
in the labyrinth of the mind standin at the crossroad
use the omega code to open vocab mother load!/16

Cipher decorated minds dominated
Crews we abuse on the track desimated
a slaughter to ya sound as we ramsack the rhytm
concentrated dialated knowledge of my wisdom/4
stigmatism of ya 3rd eye portal
immortal language of a rhymin oracle
this mic skill yes ball point olympiad
held for ransom with the sounds underneath my drum pad!