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Freddie Bruno - Miss Bonita
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

I first met her as pre-teen b-boyin springsteen
on the cardboard she got me sprung like a box spring
uproking with fingers interlocking
walking ever unique with beats knocking/4
she'd allow me to spin and contort my soul
lace my sneakers put the speakers and she's takin control
buss a wind mill takin my skill to mars hill
where we watch the silouhette of the sun set and chill/8
rushin home after school with a new mix tape
I can't wait to impress her on our late night date
flip my new routine that she'd help me perfect
show perfection with election of my footwork set/12
yo - she never get's mad and she never ignores
cause any man can agree when It rains it pours
where my heart will remain like christ would ordain
is with the one lady who can always soothe my pain/16

Hey look she's leavin me shook this seinoria
go head girl ya hair curl miss bonita
keep passin me by ILL mamacita
last name apple bon bon miss bonita/4

I had affairs with pens and now were makin amends
colaborate composin works like a circle of friends
showed me how to ride beats with a striped seatbelt
I think deep before I speak so that my speech is felt/4
I'm doin shows here and there assist with kick and snare
rip the thoroughfare still lookin fresh and debonaire
hold the mic like she showed me
crowds will behold the new add on I rock on like she told me/8
my turn pack and sojourn watchin my foes burn
wordplay bubbles the mind just like a fro perm
shown how to sweet talk her when off the top
whisper nothings in her ear untill she tells me to stop/12
my femme fetal freestyle rap jewel of the nile
her pet name for me was Fred B it meant versatyle
come correct yo i'm gaining respect like Areatha
seniorita mi amore my bonita/16

Forget the micraphoney it's hip hop matrimony
forever with you cause Freddie pays no alimony
having kids that we raise on a 3.5 diskette
where we marvel and sparkle like bracelett/4
let the fake sweat takin your love for wrong service
now they seem nervous rulin the world just like Curtis
with the divine purpose hidden my ears from airplay