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Freddie Bruno - Occupational Therapy
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

It's my outlet bringin the user to my level
a statuesque physique when I speak the mic rebel
Renegade in a blue line barracade
I'm saturatin sheets with alphabetic marinade/4
to the average eye it's looks like a mess at best
to me it looks like a vessel to tame the treble clef
my caligraphy movin ministry of the symphony
specifically i'm like Kathy Bates bringin misery/8
Easily I could show you but what it be to ya?
you could never comprehend the content of my media
letters cadence to my voice for the performance
and turn the pages of my rhyme journal to a concordance/12
using my for reference try track my dialog
son i'm analog writin a linguistic catalog
when the stationary sanctuary leads the synagogue
haters try to block the current like an artery clog/16
fluently ridin the track I saddle the measure
and harness the skills that were first spawned in my ledger
A databast processin the thoughts that i'm stressin
protestin my oppresion when the court is in session/ 20

Yo - The world want the font that we got
It's the red letter word they heard from tree top
the place where I shout the route from Enoch
and translate the paper I spread my ink spot

Open my heart words start fallin right where they please
I paid fees both eyes closed down I sees
A super-steez from a superstar under the bar
Cats can't comprehend so they front and pretend
I transcend rap flow to a new plateau cause the wack know
soon they get an overshadow
when the track glow fluorescent ink that's on the brink
plus they love it and they covet in the pattern of think
that I thought rhymes lost with cashews of dues
that I paid over pc tools and college ruled
We swallow fools shallow as pothole
thats claimin they got soul like chicken and waffles from Roscoe's
Thinkin they are what they eat if thats the case
i'm a sucka emcee cause i've eatin plenty
still an empty stomach make the sypmte plummet
to a bowel full of vowels I spit
the wheel of fortune that i'm torchin
scorchin a mindset and find yet
another souls lost where darkness is tossed
the cost is infinite if the cross isn't in it
so I'm bridgin the gap with rap and table scraps