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Freddie Bruno - Updated & Still Hated
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Even the best man wants to expand in his field
so I make plans shake hands destiny revealed
the rest of me can feel like appeal to the mass
to be down with the sound that was passed through class/4
from break-fast to lunch I've head this hunch
I've upgraded but still hated with lines that punch
make'n sound waves that engrave like a harpie
takin a sec to reflect on my sharpie/8
consume harsh words grazin me a flesh wound
straight like a harpoon headed for restroom
sittin in the stall with my walkman on
heavy stressed out like the 98 tribe song/12
it'll thin out pull my pen out once more
sittin contour usin my life as metaphor
so I'll tag my name to explain my pain
like a true graff writer whose a fighter un tamed/16
I strut out head high, gleam in my eye
people walk by sayin what's wrong with that guy?
feelin okay used to be nervous like O.J.
not a role play characterized a strange way/20
Surrounded by daps and hand claps for improvin
but then the wind changed and my pain wasn't soothin
they paused with open jaws and raised eye brows
as thier praise went south like the numbers on dow/24
Jones I spin poems like cyclones
gave props where it's due and then they left me alone
but i didn't true to lie never once deny
but as I turned to walk away here was my reply/28

This is HIP HOP they said to grab the wall
graffiti artists b-boys dj's and all
plus Freddie b an emcee tryin to answer his call
Gettin fingered for the writing on the bathroom stall

I tried to state my case so I can keep my place
among hip hop's unique with the beats and breaks
but I'm supposed to be secluded to a corner of the art
I produce emcee and bboy playin my part/4
it's a rampart runnin through the gauntlet you talk wit
saw a spot on the territory and I marked it
FB the scarlet letter taggin it's a sin
I'm never gonna win so I'm say it again/8