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Freddie Bruno - Comp USA
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

My Java scripts is known for droppin hits at home
Use the tone of my voice emphasize my poem
objects in my inflection are taken from someone else
violated NO pirated taken in stealth/4
linkin thoughts to the pen wrote in HTML
Speedy ball point faster than your DSL
docking bays and servers push my anger further
you gave up on the pen now you handy with the cursor!/8
MP3 an acronym for malpractice
3 times a lady it's shady like covered lattice
downloaded manipulated in Acid Pro
Switch the tempo thinkin that nobody would know!/12
Don't understand the definition of the word "recoup"
Makin 4 track albums on a pause tape loop
You done ZIP with yourself and now your full of regret
frequently on message boards stealing beats from the Net/16

We got beats and drums from the MPC
Rockin a stage a page of my MP3
Suckas try to come up without payin they fee
Taking advantage of me beats don't grow on a tree

I move around with improved sound Gettin my groove down
relax off the beat with my voice unwound
my choice abounds I'm found in commercial eardrum
next to radio edit songs of secular sung/4
I loose faith feel discouraged a lesser of the brave
so my breath is now a catalyst a blessing on the page
find a pattern I can save through the rhythm that I crave
picking styles is like a blind man walkin a maze/8
see there's a fine line between keepin it real and right
so you either walk the border or just stay our of sight
and that's the way that I write never to take that path
should I forsake my past just to erase my wrath?/12
Think not while the inks hot bubble my nerves
and walk away a true artist from these internet nerds
who clog my inbox with they weak thoughts of Hip Hop
Just cause they got a computer they think they aesop rock!/16