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Freddie Bruno - Last Dance
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

Save your wackness for botherin the next man
Your rap book looks like scribbles that was written with my left hand
Go on and hold that for someone with a conscience
it's not so much your energy or delivery it's your content/4
you straight up play with words you don't even word play
counld't stay protected if ya spiral carried triple A
bear witness to the vocal gymnast spittin his business
bout to serve it like it's tennis as ya brain cells diminish/8
Thinking you can gain ascension like Maxwell
when your just a waste of ADAT space and Maxells
keep ya ear by the radio to cling to what's trendy
spent ya last paycheck on Gucci frames and Fendi/12
the last dance here it comes yo the grand finale
from the tomb of the king change a cipher to death valley
when we rally the troops over loops when beat boxin
declare'n warefare the biologial toxin/16
no hope for antidote or wide spread vaccination
rockin the nation with styles that draw ya fascination
keep it ill and rebuild give props to the student
yo you couldn't come correct with instructions and a blue print/20
Only way you rip a mic is if the mesh was prefforated
couldn't trigger a response even if i'm obligated
highly concentrated verbal attack telemetry
to the canvas of the mind with graphic imagery

Don't front lest you want to miss ya last chance
while you glance at the mic enjoy ya last dance
cause-the crowds gone and the beats gonna fade away..........