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Freddie Bruno - Null & Void
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

The dark man lyrical spartan
I be sparrin takin ya rhymes as bargain
I'm pourin lyrics that flood the margin
overwhelm this paper with thoughtful jargon/4
beg ya pardon rule'n the air like jordan
this is my house either move on or move in
obey the command idolized in mic stand
symbolic of the tool in the carpenters hand/8
they try to fit in the mold like plaster drinkin shasta
rhyme'n at my old folks home playin canasta
leathal weapon like Danny I'm uncanny tell ya nanny
I got cuts like DJ Manny/12
What's the future of hip hop to me it's a blur
from frankenscence and murr to pinky rings and fur
the underground's now polluted with the sewage of the city
I hang my head in pity from the acts of your committe/16

nullify the lie that you tend to speak on
leach on whatevers new a cling on
informed with this song you've been warned
to return to ya barracks and hide from brainstorm

Lorca's Black Eye
I was enjoying my retirement, me and El Vez at the Sands sipping Singapore Slings and working on my tan, when the call from Cloud 9 came in With Mr. Bruno asking for the Locksmith to don his tights, yet again. I was reluctant because the fishbone inside my throat was askew to the left forcing all my words to choke. I swallowed soap-on-a-rope and even tied off the end to a wench on a truck that drug out my guts. I hemmed the holes in the words but left in their hollowness. It's the only type most people like. Now follow this? (a yo) I am just a city and I wanted you to know you are a homeless derelict, lost, with no place to go or rest your head. In fact you haven't slept in almost nine days. Keep ya famine in ya mind while panhandling for change and know that where you sleep is temporary at best and that the city's eyes are open wide while your at rest.