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Freddie Bruno - The Melodic Parabolic
(from the album The Ballpoint Composer)
© copyright 2002

From sundown to sunrise exploitin your disguise
yo your sound in the mix is overpowered by battle cries
when we rattle spies clothe the naked eye with Integ-rt-I
apostolic stay melodic with topics and channel live/4
from the mind of the hive deepspace 5
with dominant word play of which you are deprived
here's the obviousness of my competitiveness
painting pictures with my words like a haven of bliss/8
Yo you coulndn't come off if you detached from the mic
and coulndn't lead a cipher if followed by Isralites
still my height of insight reaches beyond the stars
past the earths atmosphere, past the surface of Mars/12
Ill the rawest material in ya sector
with bass and treble I'm a rebel like the inspector
I win all slots shut it down the tri fector
ball point freedom fighter annointed in my lecture/16
we march on leavin our mark on territory
with a powerful story thats studied in labratory
leave it gory like the scene of an autopsy
shine from sea to shining sea so that all can see/20

Perfect sounds that surrounds ya skin hairs and pores
hidden stories of glory thats covered in metaphors
heads nod in unison to let me know they agree
to the way that we speak when we shine intensely

I sentence you to the rhytm you have corrupted
prisoner of sound minds adjusted
spit splatter the midi data ridin the sympte
your skull's on a mic stand at the outskirts of the city as a warning/4
To all outsiders who try the master
consistent with more hits than eminem on napster
i'm moving faster than light speed a flawless stenograph
to rotate ya tape decks or spin ya phonograp/8
cause with pieces of my craft you coulnd't paste a paragraph
or with the height of a giraffe see the pain behind my wrath
the voices in my head are the souls of the collective
assimilate beat breaks and hold our directive12
we congrigate on the sheet with rhyme patterns and facts
then walk on the beat using tangible sintax
surf the airwaves right before we enter ya ear
yo were hungry for alphabets and thirsty for fear/16

You hollow headed holograms swell up like diaphrams
when you inhale the melody given in milligrams
remember the mission of the melodic parabolic
and serve it underground to the world like narcotics/4
Ill harmonies unite once again with the composer
avenger of the note book the blue line soldier